MLB to Start Using Instant Replay in 2014


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I’m sure these guys love this idea 


Instant Reply will finally become part of MLB in 2014. Starting next season, managers will be able to challenge an umpire’s horrible calls.

There are limits of course. Managers can only challenge non-strike zone. They’ll have 1 challenge in the first 6 innings, and 2 more for the rest of the game. If the challenge is successful, the team won’t be charged with a review. If a team exhausts their 3, umpires will still challenge home run calls on their own. Interestingly, Bud Selig must not trust an Ump’s post-call judgement either, because all challenges from all games will be reviewed by one crew in MLB’s New York City office.

Surely part of Baseball’s charm is in the nostalgic link to our past, but that’s a hard sell to the team or the fans that lose a game because of an Umpire’s blindness perception.  Welcome to the 21st century Baseball. Now all you need to do is get rid of Jeffrey Loria and I’ll be a fan again.

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