Billy Donovan offers walk-on spot to Zach Hodskins, one-handed 3 point shooter



Zach Hodskins is a 6’2″ 3-point shooting senior from Milton, GA. Doesn’t warrant that much attention until you realize that Zach was born with only one hand.

But you know what else Zach has? An invitation from Billy Donovan to join the Florida Gators as a preferred walk-on. This doesn’t give him a scholarship, but would guarantee him a spot on the team. Zach hasn’t accepted yet, as he’s likely waiting to see if he can get a scholarship from one of the other schools eyeing him, like UAB or Birmingham Southern – or even his personal favorite, Kentucky.

If Zach does accept Billy D’s offer, he’ll find out why it’s so damn great to be a Florida Gator – namely gorgeous women and yearly SEC/NCAA tourney births. Watch Zach’s highlight reel to feel horrible about what your ass hasn’t accomplished with your two arms.

Watch: One-handed Zach Hodskins puts together an amazing ScoutsFocus Camp – YouTube.