America is #1….for Incarceration of Citizens

COUNTRIES incarceration per capita

It’s good to be the best at something, but it sucks when that something is locking away your citizens. Why does a country that calls itself a model of Freedom deprive freedom from more people than the most oppressive regimes? If you don’t accept that we’re a heinous people and commit more crimes than any other people on Earth, here are two major reasons our jails/prisons are filled to the brim:

1. Private Prison Lobby: business is great for private prisons, but cells need to be filled to keep profits up. The only way to ensure cells are filled is to push for stricter criminal laws. This is why minor drug offenders are chucked into jails, why immigrants are arrested, and why mandatory minimums are so harsh. You’ll see the Private Prison Lobby’s fingerprints on just about every criminal statute. Capitalism!

2. Police need money too: Police departments need to justify their budgets and the only way to do that is arrest people. Plus, they need to stay busy to keep the War on Drugs/War on Terrorism money flowing in from the Fed. If crime goes down, departments lose funds and cops lose jobs.

Yes, it’s that simple. Sure, The Dept of Justice is taking steps to get/keep people out of Federal prisons, but it’s just a drop in the bucket. USA #1!

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