CNN “Breaks” Benghazi Exclusive the Rest of Us Knew Months Ago


wolf blitzer cnn

“Hey, if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s news to you!”


CNN broke an exciting “exclusive” story this weekend about how CIA personnel were at Benghazi when Ambassador Christopher Stevens and 3 other Americans were killed in the infamous September 11th, 2012 attack. Unfortunately for the pathetic CNN, this breaking “exclusive” was uncovered months ago during the dozen investigations, hours of testimony and mountains of emails.

Bottom line, the Benghazi compound was for all intents and purposes a CIA operations center using a diplomatic cover. Out of the 30-plus people rescued after the attack, over 20 were CIA personnel. The Agency ran a number of black ops out of the Benghazi compound – including running guns to rebels. Emails proved Ambassador Stevens knew about the black-ops (likely the reason he was in Benghazi; the US embassy is in Cairo) and also that the State Department bugged out because they didn’t want to take the blame for a CIA base getting ambushed by enemies – especially with future President Clinton as Sec of State.

Republicans in Congress – especially those on Foreign Relations or Intelligence committees –  knew full well that Benghazi was a CIA shitshow. But rather than cover up to save face as we always do to avoid a Foreign Relations debacle, grandstanding politicians took full advantage and screamed the President was “hiding the truth” – while in reality he was just unable to defend the situation because the President can’t exactly confirm to the world that the CIA was running black-ops in another country.

While the story isn’t funny, it is hysterical that CNN is pitching re-tread news as exclusive. This CIA information is well known to people who actually followed the testimony and the facts of the issue instead of just listening to politicians scream about it. CNN is also reporting on witnesses being silenced, but come on dude, when has the CIA ever let their people speak out? Yes, CIA running black ops in other countries is always bad, but it’s been course of business since the Cold War – the sudden moral outrage is blatantly partisan and extremely dangerous.

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