Issa’s White House/IRS Connection Fail in Video Form


House Oversight Chairman Joe McCarthy Darrell Issa loves to abuse his power to try to bring down President Obama, but thus far all his partisan-fueled “investigations” and promises of scandalous White House misconduct have fallen flat.

Rather than spend all day scandal-mongering, Issa should investigate actual “potential” abuses committed by fellow House Republicans – maybe the 14 Congressmen who took over $7 million in subsidies for their families, or the House Speaker constantly pushing the Keystone XL pipeline which will coincidentally increase profits in the 7 Canadian tar-sands businesses he’s personally invested in. Fat chance.

But watch this great video of Issa promising to release damning IRS testimony that never happens. Issa clearly knew the IRS wasn’t targeting ONLY Conservative Tea Party groups, but he pushed the lie anyway. Either this moron doesn’t understand adjectives or he’s just full of shit and knows people just listen to soundbites. I’m going with the latter. Investigate yourself for fraud, Chairman.

Watch:  Republican IRS Hearing Fails to Deliver on Claims of White House Link – YouTube.