John Boehner Lies About His Personal Investment in Keystone XL


John Boehner

“Prison? Very funny. Next question.”


Been wondering why the Keystone XL Pipeline is the only jobs project pushed by the House of Representatives for the last couple years?  We’ve been fed stories about the Canadian tar-sands Pipeline creating anywhere from 20,000 to 100,0000 jobs, lowering gas prices and fostering American energy independence – but the real answer is far more sinister than that.

Sure, politicians are always in the pocket of Big Oil, but Keystone’s loudest advocate, John Boehner, is invested in 7 different Canadian tar-sands businesses and stands to make a ton of money if the pipeline is approved. That’s right, the Speaker of the House is pushing a controversial bill from which he stands to financially benefit, all while lambasting the President or anyone who says we should care about the environment dangers more than profits.

Boehner’s Keystone bullshit is even worse when you realize just how far from reality the Keystone XL lies really are. First off, the company making the pipeline admits maybe 2,000 jobs will be created for 2 years, and then maybe a couple dozen jobs from then on for maintenance. Keystone is a Canadian Oil Company’s pipeline that will push tar-sands from Canada directly to refineries and transport in the Gulf of Mexico, bypassing refineries in the United States – so it won’t make a dent in American energy independence. Gas prices won’t be lowered, but instead will increase when the cost of the pipeline’s production is passed on to buyers at the pump. Yet even in the face of these facts, the lies keep coming.

The only benefits will be to oil companies and John Boehner. Remember that the next time you hear our proud Speaker screaming for the Pipeline.

And now you also have a good idea why the Congress insider trading bill (STOCK) was dropped.

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