Blame Gerrymandering



Sure, Florida – this makes total sense.


Gerrymandering is one of the grossest, most corrupt aspects of our American democracy. For some reason, we American idiots let political parties redraw districts with two blatantly obvious intentions: 1) to solidify as many seats for themselves as possible or 2) to limit opposition influence by stacking them in one district or spreading them out over many districts so their voices are powerless.

While some pretend redistricting protects minority voices, the constant redrawing of districts exists solely to serve the majority political party of the states, instead of creating an actual representation of the populace. The process ensures the crappy status quo, and the proof is in our historically inefficient and unpopular congress.

According to the non-partisan Cook Political Report, only 90 of the 435 seats in the US House of Representatives are competitive these days. The rest of the districts are safe for the party in charge, with the only challengers coming from the same party trying to out-party the incumbent.

Partisan redistricting like this is a big reason behind why a nationally minority party has majority control in State and Federal legislatures. In the 2012 election Congressional Democrats earned over a million more votes than Republicans, while President Obama earned more than 5 million more votes than Mitt Romney. The difference means you could more than fill every seat in every NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB stadium in the country with the extra Democrat voters, yet Republicans still have the majority of decision makers in a supposedly Representative body.

To be clear, gerrymandering is horribly wrong no matter which party does it, and that’s why it needs to be taken out of Party hands. We need to create a non-partisan body to determine fair districts – either by clearly delineated shapes or even by -dare I say – accurately representing the communities within (be it by socioeconomic neighborhood breakdowns, mining community, shipping town, army base town, farming counties, or even cultural/racial breakdowns etc). Our Legislatures – both in the State and Federal level – should accurately represent the makeup of our country – after all, they are called Representatives.

It’s time to fix this before we’re stuck with another decade of inefficient government. The system needs to serve the people, not the politicians.

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