The Contemptible Quest to Sabotage Affordable Healthcare for All Americans


GOP states rejecting Obamacare

Rejecting Obamacare screws millions without providing a fix to a national problem


The House of Representatives will hold its 40th vote to repeal Obamacare on Friday before they leave for another vacation without passing any substantive laws. With this news – coupled with the recent announcement that the House Republicans plan to barnstorm the country lying about the benefits and effects of Obamacare – I can’t stop wishing that people would just stop using the phrase Obamacare. Everyone should call it what it really is “Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans” , that way when idiots hate on it, Americans will understand what they’re truly saying.

We have to end Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans! Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans is taking away our freedom! Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans will destroy our country! Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans must be stopped before we become Cuba! Obama is the worst President ever because he passed Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans! Fucking moronic, right?

If Republicans really cared about 99% of America at all, they’d figure out a way to fix the democratically-passed-and-Supreme Court- upheld Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans by lowering the cost to taxpayers and making it less confusing. If they cared, they wouldn’t waste 40 votes (and millions in taxpayer dollars) to repeal or defund a program that provides Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans while ignoring job-creation or fixing the economy. They wouldn’t go out of their way to keep residents in their State from getting Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans when repealing will drive up costs for everyone later on. They certainly wouldn’t lie to constituents about the benefits of Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans. 

If these people cared about Americans, where is their alternate plan to provide Affordable Health Coverage for ALL Americans? Where is their alternative plan to protect people with pre-existing conditions, or to keep Health Care costs down, or to provide health care to the millions of Americans without it? They don’t have one. They just don’t care. If they cared, they’d fix it – not scrap it entirely.

Republicans only care about two things: 1) their rich benefactors who don’t want to pay high taxes and refuse to spend profits on their employees’ health care; and 2) making our country so miserable that they’ll automatically vote for “Change” — and they have no problem spreading whatever lies are necessary to accomplish these goals.

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