Fox News Extremely Bigoted Interview with Reza Aslan



Reza Aslan, author of Zealot, Life and Times of Jesus of Nazaerth was forced to sit through one of the more insulting, close minded and embarrassing interviews ever conducted. Lauren Green, host of the FoxNews online show Spirited Debate grilled Aslan – a noted religious scholar who happens to be Muslim- on what she feels is his obvious anti-Christian motivation for writing a book about Jesus.

Nevermind that Aslan has 4 degress in religious study including a PhD in sociology of religions with 20 years of research behind him — all that mattered to Green was that Aslan is a Muslim with an obvious faith-based agenda to bring down Christianity. Green repeatedly embarrassed herself by being unable to wrap her head around the fact that a Muslim could be a credible scholar — and by proving she herself isn’t a credible reporter. Green obviously didn’t read a page of Aslan’s book, and was caught lying about Aslan when she wrongfully claimed Aslan was hiding his Muslim background (he talks about his religion in every interview and on page 2 of his book).

At one point, Green tries to assert that a Muslim writing about Jesus was as absurd as “a Democrat writing about Ronald Reagan” – to which Alsan wisely replied “no, it would be like a Democrat with a PhD in Reagan who has been studying his life and history for two decades writing about Reagan”. Burn.

Fox News personalities just can’t wrap their head around reporting on facts without an agenda.

Watch: REZA ASLAN stuns foxnews presenter about his bookTHE LIFE&TIMES OF JESUS OF NIARETH – YouTube