NC Passes Extreme Voter Suppression Measures


NC Voter supression

If you can’t beat ’em, just don’t let them play.


In today’s game of Cheaters, North Carolina’s Republican Legislature passed some of the most extreme voter suppression laws in the land. Sure, the Federal government already found these measures to be unconstitutional, but once the Supreme Court killed the Federal pre-clearance requirement of the Voting Rights Act, NC went ahead and voted on these blatantly discriminatory measures anyway.

The new bill shortens early voting by 1 week, kills same day registration and provisional voting if at wrong precinct, prevents counties from offering voting on last Saturday before the election beyond 1 pm, prevents counties from extending poll hours by one hour on election day in extraordinary circumstances (like lengthy lines), eliminates state supported voter registration drives and preregistration for highschool kids, promotes vigilantes to challenge voters at precincts, and purges voter rolls more often. To make matters worse, the bill makes it easier for rich people to spend more money in elections and to hide their donations. (h/t The Nation)

Make no mistake, NONE of these measures will combat voter fraud – stats show fraud doesn’t happen at the polls, it happens in mail-in or absentee ballots (that magically lean Republican). Every single one of the NC measures disproportionately harms the poor and minorities who don’t vote for Republican policies that screw them over. Rather than let people vote against ’em, Republicans just won’t let them vote at all. Republican legislatures across the US are reversing decades of measures that made it easier for Americans to vote, particularly the hardworking Americans who can’t take off a random Tuesday from work to stand in line for hours to vote.

The damaging impact of the measures (disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of North Carlonians who overwhelmingly vote Democrat) combined with the fact that they have no basis of combating any type of fraud – all but guarantees the laws will be struck down as unconstitutional once challenged in court. But that won’t stop Republican legislatures from inflicting as much damage in the meantime as possible. The fact that anyone can vote for a party whose platform denies people who vote against them, is beyond me.

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