Holder Will Mess With Texas Voting Changes In Court


Eric Holder

“This aggression will not stand, man” 


Attorney General Eric Holder announced the DOJ will bring suit against Texas for pushing voting and redistricting measures that intentionally and disproportionately suppress the vote and influence minorities.

It took Texas just a mere two hours after the Supreme Court eliminated Sections IV,V of the Voting Rights Act  (which required historically racist states or counties to preclear their plans with the DOJ), to push their already-found-to-be-unconstitutional and discriminatory laws. As I explained earlier, these discriminatory laws aren’t necessarily fed by racial-hatred – they’re fed by political animus as a way to keep Republican-haters from voting. These measures are ONLY being pressed in Republican-led states, as the Grand Ol Party will do whatever it takes to make it tougher or impossible for poor or minorities to vote against them. Pure scumbaggery.

Fortunately Holder isn’t taking this crap – even though the DOJ can’t pre-block the discriminatory laws, they can and will fight these dumb laws in Court. This will likely set up a year of court challenges pitting a Federal government trying to protect the votes of all Americans against Republican states trying to keep minorities and poor people from voting. In case you’re wondering, these laws will fail because they aren’t narrowly tailored to fight a compelling government interest (fighting a dozen ID fraud claims by disenfranchising half a million, won’t cut it).

Of course, Texas – and the other states like NC who will soon feel the DOJ wrath – will bitch about Obama’s Fed crapping on their State rights, but they’ll have a hard time finding that law protecting their right to silence people who don’t vote Republican.

Read: Holder Wants Texas to Clear Voting Changes With the U.S. – NYTimes.com.