Congressman Calls Out Colleagues Who Voted For Millions In Aid to Their Families, But Against Aid to Poor People

congressman george miller

“I’m not calling them thieves. I’m calling them fucking hypocritical scam-artist thieves.”


George Miller wins Kick Ass Congressman of the week award. Miller (D-CA) published a report calling out 14 fellow Congressman for being the worst type of hypocritical scumbags: millionaires who embezzle millions of taxpayer subsidies into their own pockets instead of helping Americans in poverty:

New analysis finds that 14 members of Congress  voted to continue farm subsidies from which they personally benefit while failing to continue nutrition aid for 47 million Americans. These members of Congress:
· Are each Republicans;
· Have a total net worth of up to $124.5 million;
· Have received a total of at least $7.2 million in farm subsidies;
· Each previously voted to gut the SNAP program by giving states large financial incentives to kick families off SNAP.

On average, each of the 14 Congressman took in over $500k each in direct subsidies to their actual families — even though most were already millionaires. Yet these wealthy subsidy-getting folks vote against food-stamp subsidies because our cash-strapped government shouldn’t help poor people mooch off the taxpayer dime. Taking money to eat when you’re in poverty is unconscionable. Taking subsidies when you’re rich is freedom.

Fortunately, House Oversight Chair Darrell Issa already promised to take some time out of creating fake scandals to investigate why Congressmen would abuse positions of power to funnel hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars into their own pockets. Just kidding, Issa nor the House GOP give a shit if 14 of their members are embezzling, hypocritical scumbags. At least we have George Miller.

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