83% disapprove of Congress, all-time high (or low)


boehner congress disapproval

“Something stinks in here. Oh, it’s me.”

The latest NBC/WSJ poll has American disapproval of Congress now at a record high of 83%. At least a strong 12% – (or barely 1 person in 10) still approve of Congress’ inability to perform. Yay!

It’s worth noting that the top reasons cited by Haters (unyielding partisanship, ignoring the middle class, inability to pass laws) are all badges of honor worn by Congressional Republicans: refusal to negotiate with Democrats, obstructing government so Democratic laws don’t pass, helping the top 1% and waiting for benefits to trickle-down, scandal-mongering, and repealing laws instead of passing them.

Humorously, Democrats are furious with the Republican House for refusal to negotiate, but somehow Republicans think the problem is that the House GOP gives in too much to the Obama dictator. For the record, it’s not just Republican’s intentional ineptitude and obstruction that drives Congressional-hatred – 57% of those polled say they would replace every single member of Congress.

President Obama’s approval ratings also dipped to 45% – a near low, but not shocking considering every single Republican thinks Obama is an evil socialist hell-bent on destroying the country by helping Americans get affordable healthcare. Plus, the poll came after Obama’s Trayvon Martin remarks and many were pissed that the black president dare say racism still exists in our country.

Either way, Speaker John Boehner might want to reconsider his moronic assessment that Americans want his Congress to stop passing laws and only repeal them.

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