Mayor Bloomberg Likes NYPD’s Egregious Racial Profiling Just The Way It Is


"Listen New York, it breaks my heart to do this...but it's not me, it's you."

“Listen New York, it breaks my heart to do this…but it’s not me, it’s you.”


Mayor Bloomberg vetoed the Community Safety Act, two bills that would provide much-needed oversight to the NYPD. The bills would have established an Inspector General’s office and tightened racial profiling laws to make sure policies like the Stop & Frisk program weren’t crapping all over Civil Rights in the name of stopping crime.

Bloomberg pretends contends that putting a framework for protecting civil rights would be too costly – in time, manpower and money – for his department and officers to defend:

“The specter of the new lawsuits this bill would engender would make police officers hesitate to act on information that would prevent crime or apprehend criminals, and it would therefore endanger the proactive policing that has been crucial to New York City’s success in preventing crime…The consequences would be chaotic, dangerous, and even deadly for our police officers and for our city.”

Mayor Mike likes his racial profiling just the way it is, thank you very much – though he apparently doesn’t realize how “chaotic, dangerous, and even deadly for our police officers and for our city” racial tension and rioting can be. Yes, assholes will abuse the system and bring unwarranted cases against the NYPD, but that doesn’t mean that honest, innocent Americans should have their civil rights trampled on. Bottom line, the cost of defending racial profiling cases would decrease if actual racial profiling decreased.

Think all the bitching is just overdramatic crybabies who “shouldn’t worry if they’re not hiding anything” ? Watch the video below about the NYPD stop and frisk crap, and then apologize to every Hispanic, African American and Muslim you see.

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