COSMOS, The Trailer


“The cosmos is all there ever is or ever was or ever will be.”

Carl Sagan was part poet, part philosopher, part scientist, and part rockstar with awesome Neil Diamond hair. Naturally, I was skeptical when I heard Seth MacFarlane and FOX were planning a reboot of Sagan’s legendary and mind-opening COSMOS, but I was sold once Neil deGrasse Tyson jumped on board. deGrasse Tyson has Sagan’s rare gift of making you think that whatever he’s saying is the most important, exciting and cool-as-shit thing you’ll ever hear.

Even if COSMOS is FOXified to the hilt, NdGT’s awesomeness mixed with modern special effects will make this a series to DVR and force your friends to watch. Side note, who knew that Neil deGrasse Tyson loves Neil deGrasse Tyson just as much as we do?

 Watch: Official Trailer from Comic-Con | COSMOS | FOX BROADCASTING – YouTube.