Republicans have a hard time explaining Good Economy under Obama


scrooge mcduck

Huey, Dewey and Louie planning a Koch Bros-esque campaign against the Duckburg Estate Tax


Hard for Republicans to say Obama is killing the economy when the factors they normally use say the economy is healthier than ever:

1. The stock market is at a record high. Under no other administration has it been at the level it is now.

2. The unemployment rate is at 7.6% as of June 2013 and the private sector has continued to add jobs.

3. Corporate profits as a percentage of GDP are at an all time high.

Even more challenging is explaining how the rest of America isn’t kicking financial ass when the people at the top are doing so well. Wasn’t the point of Trickle-Down is that when the top does well, everyone does well? Shouldn’t wages be up, spending be up, and everyone’s life better as a result of 30+ years of Trickel Down policies?

Unfortunately, its proven to be more Trickle-Up, with ALL gains to the top 1%, who are doing better now than before the crash. Certainly President Obama (who is also in the bag of Big Money) has done little to stop the Trickle-Up, but he certainly hasn’t campaigned on these policies. How will Republicans continue to sell their Trickle-Up in the face of such glaringly detrimental facts? The same way they always have: lying and counting on Obama-hatred to keep those lies alive.

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