Leaked Pakistani Document Exposes Civilian, Child Casaulties Of Drone War


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A document leaked by Pakistan has some shockingly horrible numbers related to US Drone practices in their country:

The 12-page dossier was compiled for the the authorities in the tribal areas, the Bureau notes, and investigates 75 CIA drone strikes and five attacks by NATO in the region conducted between 2006 and 2009. According to the document, 746 people were killed in the strategic attacks. At least 147 of the victims were civilians, and 94 were children.

The Pakistani government isn’t exactly credible, and the lack of names or facts make this report hard to confirm – but it’s not like the US government has released any verifiable information to argue against these numbers. Instead of addressing the horrible realities of civilian deaths, the White House continues to press on the operational  importance of these drone strikes to combat terrorism without risking American lives.

Regardless of the fact that the drone program flourished under President Bush, the continuation and expansion of the US drone program overseas will be a HUGE mark on President Obama’s legacy.

Read: Leaked Pakistani Document Exposes Civilian, Child Casaulties Of Drone War.