John Boehner Tries (and Fails) to Rebrand Congress’ Ineptitude

boehner upset

“…I told myself I was going to cry…”


John Boehner takes offense when people ask how it feels to preside over the least popular and most inept Congress of all time. To defend his inability to pass laws (on pace for lowest passage of all time- even worse than last session), the Speaker thinks that America should judge Congress not by the laws they pass, but “out to be judged on how many laws we repeal.”

He rationalizes that Americans want Congress to be an obstructive force in government rather than passing laws to help America – mainly because we have so many laws to begin with. Faulty logic considering his House has the lowest approval rating in modern history.

Even more humorous is that by Boehner’s logic he’s still a complete failure – with all their repeal votes (6 of the 38 on Obamacare were from this new session alone), only TWO repeals have actually passed through the Senate; one of which repealed a law establishing the National Sheep Industry Improvement Center. Be proud.

No matter how you look at it (unless you really hate sheep), this Congress – and the House of Representatives in particular- is the worst of all time.

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