Michele Bachmann is Retiring from Congress!!!


Michele Bachmann is retiring from Congress.

Ahem. I’m sorry. Michele Bachmann IS RETIRING FROM CONGRESS!!!


The Tea Party darling says she will no longer represent Minnesota’s 6th District, because if 8 years is long enough for the President to serve, it’s long enough for her. She also lies says this has nothing to do with the fact that her favorability numbers are in the toilet and lies promises this has nothing to do with the recent FBI investigation into her Presidential campaign finances. We believe you Michele, because you’ve always been truthful with us up to this point.

I don’t hate many people, but Congresswoman Bachmann is a horrible, hate-filled, attention-grubbing obstructionist who made Congress, Minnesota, and America worse with her very presence.

But thank God. I mean that literally. Bachmann routinely brags how God personally comes to her for decision making. He told her to run for Congress and He told her to run for President, so I’m guessing God decided it was time to finally take her hate-shingle down.

Now I need to find a new Most Hated Congressman. I’m sure this will be easy.

A Message From Michele Bachmann – YouTube.