Poll: GOP Favorability Rating Ties All-Time Low – Business Insider

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“How can I blame Obama for our Party sucking?”

Apparently the country is noticing that the Republican Party hasn’t done any governing over the last 5 years. Instead they’ve wasted everyone’s time and money on trying to weaken government, take money out of government, cut jobs, make income inequality worse, take away rights from women and minorities, take away health coverage from Americans, destroy a president and rewrite the rules to win elections.

Disagree? Then please point me to a single piece of legislation proposed by the GOP that does something other than what I said above, something that doesn’t have to do with cutting taxes. Anything? Nope.

At some point the GOP is going to have to put as much effort into actually governing as they do trying to get elected. — the ryno

Poll: GOP Favorability Rating at All-Time low

by Brett LoGiurato

Posted May 20,  Business Insider

The number of Americans who view the Republican Party unfavorably has hit a record high, according to a new poll released by CNN on Monday, despite scandals that have plagued the White House over the past few weeks. 

The poll found that 59 percent of respondents view the GOP unfavorably, a record that has only shown up one other time in the poll’s results since tracking began in 1992.

The Republican Party’s net favorability ratings are down 8 points in the past two months. The amount of respondents viewing the GOP favorably fell from 38 percent to 35 percent, while the number of people who view the party unfavorably climbed five points, up from 54 percent in March.

The only other time the party’s favorability ratings have been this low came in the aftermath of the summer 2011 fight over raising the nation’s debt ceiling.

The poll’s findings — combined with President Barack Obama’s continued popularity — suggest that Republicans remain susceptible to overreach on the issues of Benghazi and the IRS’ targeting of conservative-sounding groups applying for tax exempt status.

The same poll found that 54 percent of respondents said the GOP was “reacting appropriately” to the IRS’ targeting, compared with just 42 percent who said they were “overreacting.” Majorities also believe, however, that what Obama has said about the scandal has been at least “mostly true,” and that the IRS acted on its own in carrying out the targeting.