Leaked Dolphins Logo is Official….ly Horrible

miami dolphins logo

Please put this back under wraps…


The recently leaked new Miami Dolphins logo is official. And it’s official: I hate it.

Change is always awkward, especially when you take a huge leap backward. This logo doesn’t symbolize a ferocious team playing a violent game (where is the M helmet? Goodell can’t be happy about lack of safety), but rather a cheesy 1993 parking-lot banner at Miami Seaquarium.

How did they not incorporate any fan input into this decision, or at least pretend to? Just another reminder at how horribly Stephen Ross’ organization relates to the fans.

If I had to choose between Ray Lucas as my QB and this logo, I’d choose….damn, too hard. Much like Jeff Ireland, there is no way this crap will last…right?


miami dolphins logos over the years

The Tweet that leaked....

The Tweet that leaked….

via Sportslogos.net

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  1. I am in the marketing industry and also have created over 400 different logos for clients. My professional opinion is that this logo does not work for the team. It went way off on the traditional style and was changed geometrically for the first time. It is not a bad looking logo, don’t get me wrong, the logo looks good but does not work for me. I am sure that they had to have done a focus group to find out what the majority of the fans taught about this. If no focus group was done, then I definitely question the PR personal that Mr. Ross has working for him. That organization needs a lot more help than they think they do.