Wealth Inequality in America (Video)

Wealth Redistribution is a term that rich people like to throw around to pretend everyone is a free-loading socialist out to take their hard-earned money. Unfortunately, in reality, wealth has been redistributed from the bottom to the TOP for some time.

Watch this video to get a good grasp on not only how wealth is consistently redistributed to the top few percent, but also find shocking what America’s perception of this inequality is versus reality.

The average CEO of a top company makes 380x what his average worker (not the lowest paid worker, but AVERAGE) makes…does he work 380 times harder? No chance. You don’t need to delve into socialism to fix this inequality, but you do need to tweak the system so that money stops filtering only the top and actually finds it way BACK to the pockets of 99% of Americans where it was taken from.

Wealth Inequality in America – YouTube