Meteorite Crash In Russia’s Ural Mountains (Videos)

A meteor exploded over, and crashed through Russia’s Ural Mountain region, causing major damage to 3 major cities and sparking fear of a UFO attack. Hundreds of buildings were damaged (mostly from the resulting shockwaves) and around 1000 reported injured.

Some reports have Russian military shooting a missile into the meteor, breaking it into more manageable meteorites. Russia denies these reports, but so far Ben Affleck and Bruce Willis have been unavailable for comment. It’s more likely that the few-ton meteor exploded while speeding towards the Earth at 30-40,000 mph.

Either way, be thankful for shady Russian dashboard cams that captured most of the footage.

Meteorite Crash In Russia’s Ural Mountains Sparks UFO Fears Video – YouTube.

In the next videos you can hear the numerous explosions and shockwaves almost a minute after the meteor tore across the sky, which is why many Russians thought they were being attacked by UFOs