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“I’m not goin back to Gainesville, Ma!”


by, RICHARD LANGFORD, 12/18 originally posted on Bleacher Report


Tim Tebow has no future, or present for that matter, with the New York Jets. Now he has to find a team that will let him see if he has a future as a starting quarterback anywhere in the NFL.

The announcement of Greg McElroy as the Jets’ starting quarterback in Week 16 was likely the last straw for Tebow in New York. So this report by the New York Daily News’Manish Mehta should come as no surprise:

Next domino in Jets QB situation: Tim Tebow will request to be traded/released after season assuming McElroy starts last 2 games, per source

Luckily for Tebow, there are plenty of teams in need of a boost at the quarterback position. Here are four teams that would benefit from acquiring his services:

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings are in the playoff hunt despite abysmal play from second-year quarterback Christian Ponder.

Ponder got off to a hot start, but since Week 3 he has just one game with more touchdown passes than interceptions. His play has been bad in all phases.

Most spectacularly, he is doing this despite defenses focusing nearly all of their attention on stopping the amazing Adrian Peterson.

Ponder’s regression is troubling, and it is not indicative of a player ready to mature into a franchise quarterback. The Vikings need to be ready to give up on Ponder, and Tebow would be a nice addition to this team.

As we all know, Tebow is not an accurate thrower, but he actually throws a decent deep ball. Defenses would have to respect that at least as much as they do with Ponder on the field.

But the real reason this move makes sense is what it would do for the running game. Tebow’s presence in the backfield means defenses would have to be constantly on guard for him faking to Peterson and taking off in a different direction.

That would benefit both Peterson and Tebow, and it would give the Vikings a formidable ball-control offense.


Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals just might be the one team where Tebow could go and actually improve their ability to throw the ball.

John Skelton and Ryan Lindley don’t even belong in the league, let alone starting in it.Skelton’s 54.2 percent completion percentage is actually better than Lindley’s.

Yes, the Cardinals also have the injured Kevin Kolb, and he is a marked improvement over the other two, but he is only hitting 59.6 percent of his passes this season. He also can’t stay healthy.

When the Cardinals got off to their 4-0 start, they were winning with excellent defense, being smart with the ball and coming up big in the clutch. That sounds well built for Tebow.

Also, Arizona’s poor offensive line is much better suited for run-blocking than pass-blocking. Adding Tebow would help this team play up to its strengths.


Oakland Raiders 

The Raiders have received solid play from Carson Palmer this year, and he’s provided that with an insanely unproven receiving corps and a suspect offensive line. His performance is admirable.

However, he is expensive and 32 years old. Oakland doesn’t have any reason to believe it is close to being elite. Tebow would be a cheaper option, which would allow the Raiders to fill other holes this offseason. They are in a good position to build an offense around him.

Tebow would be paired in the backfield with the dynamic Darren McFadden and the supremely talented fullback Marcel Reece. Oakland could work all kinds of creative running plays with those three in the backfield, and both backs are adept pass-catchers for quick-hitting plays.

What I really like about this move for the Raiders is that it would allow them to install an offense suitable for Terrelle Pryor.

Who knows if Pryor has what it takes to be a quarterback in the NFL, but I think everyone can agree the guy is supremely talented and that talent is worth seeing. By bringing in Tebow short-term, the Raiders could continue to bring Pryor along slowly.


Jacksonville Jaguars 

The Jaguars are likely to be at the top of everyone’s list of potential suitors for Tebow, and for good reason. The guy is a legend in the area and the downtrodden Jaguars fanbase desperately needs something to rally around.

There is also the fact that Jaguars owner Shahid Khan seems to be a fan. He told WOKV that he would have “100 percent” drafted Tebow had he been the owner then.

Much like the Vikings, this move would mean the Jaguars would have to give up on a second-year quarterback, but Blaine Gabbert deserves to be given up on.

Gabbert’s career 53.8 percent completion percentage is not much better than Tebow’s 47.9, and of course, Tebow is a much better runner.

This move would revitalize the Jaguars’ rushing attack and it would excite a fanbase that is getting way too close to vanishing.

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