Cockblock the Vote: Jon Stewart on the BS Republican Push for Voter ID Laws (Video)

Everybody has the right to vote…for Republicans

I’m sure you heard all about how the new Voter ID laws being pushed through in States to “combat voter fraud”. But with only 10 reported cases of voter fraud (yes, only 10) in the entire US since 2000, why are Republican-controlled Congresses passing strict laws that will take away the right to vote from millions of voters unable to satisfy the tough requirements in time for the November election?

It must be a coincidence that these laws will mainly affect millions of Democratic voters — exponentially more than Republicans — right? Wrong. Republicans know they can’t win over voters with their candidates or policies, so they’re loudly bragging about taking away as many votes from their opponents as possible.

The worst part is, its happening right under our noses, yet very few are speaking up. This isn’t a conspiracy theory, they’re bragging about how this will help them win in 2012. Political corruption just makes you feel all warm inside, doesn’t it?

 Watch the video’s below to see Jon Stewart rip apart this blatant offense to our most basic and allegedly “inalienable” freedom.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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