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Chick-Fil-A milking the Religious Cash Cow


The Ryno Reports:

I had a moral panic attack in the Food Court the other day: did I want to face the backlash associated with my choice of a certain chicken sandwich on crispy buttery buns with some perfect waffle fries?

Or could I choose Subway with no clue how Jared feels about abortion? Am I confident Chicken Kitchen’s ownership isn’t also heavily invested in Fracking companies? What if Wendy is really an anti-Semetic ginger?

The only statement a fast food choice used to make was “I’m a lazy fat-ass”, but Chick-Fil-A President and COO Dan Cathy went and passionately over-advocated “traditional marriage” (aka God hates homosexuals) during a radio interview, and now my Combo meal carries caloric and political baggage. Chick-Fil-A has long been vocal about its Christian roots and support of Christian organizations, so Cathy’s point of view on same-sex marriage should come as no surprise, but overreaction on all sides has turned this into a full-out Fast Food fight.

First off, everyone is entitled to their opinion no matter how crazy, bigoted or unconventional. That’s right, I said it. Everyone has the right to be close-minded and selfish and use the Lord as a justification.

But the other guy — the offended party told they’re unworthy of all the rights and benefits you enjoy — has the freedom to flip that hater off, snap and sashay past their store. Hurt them where it counts, in their wallets.

Chick Fil-ABULOUS!

That’s where this “Freedom to Marry” vs. “Freedom for us to Marry, but not you” battle should have ended: between Chick-Fil-A and the Gay Mafia. A nice boycott, a Twitter campaign with lots of exclamation points and emoticons (#EatMorCok), maybe a celebrity fundraiser hosted on Bravo, and our country moves that much closer towards inevitable marriage equality.

Instead, pandering politicians (Democrats, the new Gay party!) in Boston, Chicago and San Francisco stuck their nose in the mess (ewww context) and hastily banned Chick-Fil-A from their cities in “support” of the gay community. Punishing free speech? What the holy hell?

Chick-Fil-A supports a perfectly legal point-of-view. Supporting marriage as between a man and a woman — a definition already passed by Congress — is not the same as depriving a fundamental right from a class of people. You might disagree with the hateful principles the Defense of Marriage Act is founded upon, but Cathy nor Chick-Fil-A did anything illegal to warrant this blatant (and certainly short-lived) government infringement upon fundamental free speech.

Even worse, the political blunder gave thousands of Conservative Christians a chance to jump in and cry persecution by the “Liberal” world. The narrative horrifyingly shifted to Freedom of Speech! and Freedom of Religion!, instead of focusing on everyone’s true desire to protect the beautiful Freedom to Hate and Exclude! they currently enjoy.

Scream “Freedom of Speech” enough, you eventually hit something

Before my Religious Righties get in an uproar, the “Defending traditional marriage” excuse is pure Bullcrap, and everyone knows it. Gay marriage has no effect whatsoever on “traditional” marriage. No one judges their marriage by someone else’s marriage (“Honey, I thought I loved you, but now Debbie and Marcy are getting married…so….we need to talk.”). No one’s marriage is lessened because someone else get’s married. Anyone who even utters the phrase “traditional marriage” is really just saying “I don’t want gays to marry.”

The truth is sad but undeniable: Homosexuality just makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

Some people just don’t want homosexuality in their homes, on their TVs, in their churches, or in their schools. The “sin” label allows an easy justification for excluding icky-sinners from the benefits “normal” people enjoy. It’s that simple. People are wired how they’re wired.

It bothers me when people deny that personal discomfort is the reason they want to deprive others of rights and benefits. It’s unfortunate (and will hopefully be rooted out) but it’s their Constitutionally-protected freedom.

But showing up by the thousands to celebrate their Freedom to Dislike and Exclude with similarly-bigoted pals just because Chick-Fil-A spends millions to protect the Freedom to Dislike and Exclude, is in extremely poor taste.

Ordering value meals and calling it “The Lord’s Work” while passionately declaring some of His children are unworthy of His love is hypocritical.

Celebrating your dislike of another group of people (with my waffle fries nonetheless!) is classless and flat out wrong.

Gay-F-C? Or too soon?

You have a freedom to think it and you have a freedom to say it, but keep it in the closet. No one wants to see all that PDA (public display of anti-homosexuality).

You’re free to not love your neighbor, but you shouldn’t flaunt the fact that you don’t.

Damn. It used to be just a chicken sandwich.


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