Redemption for the HEAT, It’s About Damn Time (70 pics)

He’s one of the more talented and misunderstood people on the planet. He faced increased criticism and vitriol after an ill-advised Decision and a gaudy pep-rally. Bombarded with a year of ridicule after blowing a 2-1 lead in the Finals last year. A nationwide enemy because he was just too damn good. Every mistake drew snickers and jeers; even his receding hairline was punchline fodder.

That person is me.

Sure, my pain is pretty similar to the hell LeBron James endured the last two years, but that all changed Thursday night when the HEAT destroyed the OKC Thunder to become NBA Champions.

Now the whole country world can feel the HEAT. The King is officially Crowned. Wade gets his 2nd. Bosh gives himself the gayest champagne-shower ever. Spo keeps his job. Miller goes out in style (Go Gata!!!), while he and Udonis Haslem get the championship that eluded them at UF. Mario Chalmers earns a modicum of respect from his teammates.

Most importantly, HEAT nation can finally talk as much crap as we want.

I know Champions are supposed to be classy, but SCREW THE HATERS. Get used to it.

As the King himself said, “It’s about damn time!”

One down, Seven to go.

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