How citizens can unite to undo Citizens United — The Slate

“I swear, I never meant to buy favor with my $36 million dollars. The next $64mil is another story…”

In the two years since the Supreme Court struck down key federal campaign finance restrictions, super PACs have reshaped American democracy.

It’s not an exaggeration, for example, to observe that billionaire Sheldon Adelson singlehandedly sustained a floundering presidential campaign through donations to Newt Gingrich’s super PAC. In the 2010 election cycle there were 84 active super PACs; now there are 577. These groups have already spent over $120 million, with plenty more on the way.

Wealthy opponents of President Obama, for example, have already committed to spending at least $1 billion, much of it certain to be funneled through shell corporations and other entities, making the donors behind the resulting ads invisible to the electorate, though they’ll be all too visible to the candidates who benefit….

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