Colbert rips North Carolina for banning Climate Change studies (Video)

The Colbert Report

Scientists are predicting that sea levels will rise by over a meter by 2100, which naturally will destroy coastal communities. Rather than address this issue, or do anything to stop it (or the human behavior that helps cause it) North Carolina is just going to make such scientific studies illegal.

That’s right, NC Republicans are so blinded by money and ideology that they’re making it illegal for SCIENCE to predict higher water levels. Morons. Instead they want the state to only recognize the GOP conclusion that levels will only rise 8 inches (instead of over 3 feet), because that’s all its done over last 100 years.

Basically, North Carolina wants to outlaw science and have the state follow only Republican predictions. You know those Republicans…the party of science!

It makes no f*cking sense. Watch the video above to see Colbert rip them to shreds.