Old Woman Skydive Almost Gone Wrong (Video)

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Skydiving Grandma 80 years old almost fall of Tandem Harness Video 25 may 2012.The woman, called Laverne, desperately tried to cling into the door after deciding she no longer wanted to do the jump in California. When she finally left the aircraft with her instructor, her harness slipped. She was left dangling from the tandem jumper as she hurtled towards the ground at 125mph. The cameraman — a separate jumper filming the whole experience — came over to help as the pair get into difficulties. It was the woman’s first skydive, which she had been planning for a decade, she says on the video.

An 80-year-old gran on a tandem sky-dive was left hanging by a thread with her instructor clinging on to her for dear life as they plunged toward the ground.

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