FBI opens JPMorgan investigation

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"Why's everyone's panties in a twist over a measly $2 bil?"

FBI actually looking into criminal charges against JP Morgan for losing $2billion. Wow. Especially considering they haven’t got around yet to looking into the TRILLIONS lost in the subprime mortgage heists a few years ago…



The director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation said Wednesday that the agency has opened an investigation into JPMorgan Chase, the nation’s largest bank.

“All I can say is that we have opened a preliminary investigation,” Robert Mueller said in response to questions at an FBI oversight hearing on Capitol Hill.

Last week JPMorgan disclosed it had suffered a $2 billion trading losson a series of complex bets on credit default swaps, a kind of derivative sometimes used to hedge against risk.

It remains unclear what potential crimes the FBI may be investigating, and Mueller declined to answer questions on that topic Wednesday, saying only that the agency had opened a preliminary investigation.

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