Toes-day…of the Camel Variety (50 pics)

Hornballs, this is not a Horn-y post… it’s a Public Service Announcement. Cameltoe is an epidemic, striking everyone from the lowly self-picture taker to the swankiest athletes and celebrities.

Look, I didn’t come up with the amazingly descriptive word, and I certainly didn’t make these ladies leave the house dressed for lip-reading. But with your help, we can raise awareness…or raise something, for that matter.

La-La-La-La-Labia, Baby ya ready for Camel-Toesday?

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  1. Great comment from a Hornball on FB: “although I actually secretly thoroughly enjoyed it, girls will now be checking for CT and will try to cover it up (where applicable). I’d rather not let them know that we know, and just enjoy it when i see it!!!! ya dig???”