Non-Renewable Oil: The Most Profitable Lie Ever Sold


The Oil Industry has us all by the balls…and our wallets. Their product has become an absolute Human necessity, and every time the price of oil goes up they laugh all the way to the bank. We sulk away from ours.

But rather than blame the actual companies doing the price-raping, the world accepts the BS about everyone else to blame for high prices: crazy Speculators, high taxes, forced adherence to excessive governmental regulations, increased costs of production, lack of domestic drilling, Barack Obama’s secret deal with Lord Voldemort, et al.

All of these lies add up to one very real fact: the top 5 Big Oil companies posted a record $137 Billion in profits for 2011. For those keeping score at home, that’s over $1 Trillion in profits for 5 companies (Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell) since 2001.

Should we really believe that constant price increases are an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY to cover costs/taxes/regulation, when the companies just recorded their highest profits in history? Lies. Should we believe that a new pipeline will drastically lower costs when domestic drilling is at a high, yet gas is still over $4/gallon? Lies. Should we believe that high taxes/regulation kill job creation, when they generated $546 billion in profits for 2005-2010, but still “had to” cut more than 11,200 jobs in that same period? Lies.

But perhaps the biggest lie of all is probably one of the most influential/detrimental fabrications ever sold to the world. This one lie ignites wars and gives despots the power to rule over their territories. This one lie built empires – both Corporate and Kingdoms, and made a few people a crapload of money. This one lie happens to be at the very heart of what gives oil it’s ridiculously high market value: that oil is a rare, non-renewable resource.

Newsflash: Oil is not running out, and it certainly shouldn’t cost so damn much.

The “confusion” stems from the widespread myth that oil is a “Fossil Fuel”. The Fossil Fuel theory was originally floated by a German mineralogist in the 16th century (back when a “hunch” substituted for science) and holds that biological organisms (fossils of animals, trees, etc) are compressed under the surface for millions of years until they eventually gel together into that black goop we all know and love.

The big takeaway from the Fossil Fuel school-of-thought is that fossils are limited. Limited fossils means limited oil. Some say that limit will be tapped around 2050.

"I...drink...your...milkshake. Eli, I drink it up! Unless it's Abiotic, then we can share."

Although repeatedly debunked over the centuries, the Oil Industry sells us the non-renewable Fossil Fuel theory, and we buy it even though it barely passes the sniff test.

Biological Life (that we know of) has always existed predominantly on the surface. Even considering that the surface changed repeatedly over Eons (ice ages, natural disasters, etc), how could so much Fossil-Oil be found so many kilometers deep below the surface? How would it even get below the Earth’s crust?

Plus, what did your own eyes tell you? You watched the actual footage of BP Deepwater Horizon well gush for 3 months and spew over 200 million gallons of oil into the Gulf of Mexico. How many trees, dinosaurs, whales, sharks, fish fossils settled in that spot two miles deep below the Gulf of Mexico?

Think about this one: 7 billion Earthlings consume almost 90 billion barrels of oil a day. At 42 gallons per barrel, that’s 1.379 QUADRILLION gallons of oil a year! Yes, that’s a “Q”. That kind of consumption would drain all the water out of the Atlantic Ocean in less than 13 years.

How is it possible that we didn’t drink up all that milkshake yet? Maybe it’s because oil isn’t running out. Oil is replenishing, which means it doesn’t come from fossils which take millenia to break down.

Yes, it's that simple

Many scientists not on Big Oil’s payroll believe Oil is actually Abiotic (doesn’t derive from biological fossils), but is rather a natural byproduct of the inner-workings of Planet Earth.

According to the Abiotic theory, minerals deep in the Earth’s mantle are constantly subjected to intense heat and pressure. These minerals coalesce into a primordial hydrocarbon goo that’s forced upwards through the mantle and crust until into settles into pockets and pools.

The key word in this whole thing is constant. The world turns, crap gets heated, oil results. It doesn’t start on the surface and drip down, rather it springs up naturally from the pressures of the Earth. Oil is a natural creation, not nature’s compost.

The Big takeaway to the abiotic oil theory: Oil is a renewable resource; the spicket is only turned off when the Earth stops spinning.

This theory certainly better explains why oil deposits are found all over the world, even in places where biological organisms are limited, such as underwater or in the desert. It also explains why wells aren’t drying up daily.

But Big Oil has to laugh off and debunk the renewable theories. Admitting their product is self-renewing wouldn’t stop us from buying their product, but it would keep them from pricing their black water as if it’s liquid-gold.

The worst part is that a severe value drop wouldn’t just hurt those lying bastards, it would actually screw the entire world. If the value of oil bottomed out, Corporations would fold and tens of thousands would lose jobs. Kings and Princes would lose power and thousands would be slaughtered in regional conflicts. Governments would lose millions in exports. Economies would crumble.

Basically this means that the Oil Industry isn’t just Too Big To Fail, but their profits are Too Big To Ever Let Fall. Therefore, the finite resource bullcrap is perpetuated so we pay through the nose.

Our financial rape brings world peace.

This isn’t conspiracy theory; it’s science sprinkled with that fairy dust we call “common sense”.

Occam’s Razor says when you have competing theories, the simplest one is usually correct. The simplest answer here: you’re sold a lie every day to make sure oil stays insanely valuable.

But I live by The Ryno’s Razor: the answer that ends in TRILLIONS of dollars is always correct.


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***Here’s a few more stats to consider in regards to the top 5 oil companies (Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, and Royal Dutch Shell):

  • The $137 billion in profits for 2011 was a 75% increase from 2010.
  • They produced 4 percent less oil and “oil equivalent” in 2011 compared to 2010
  • They spent a total of $38 billion, or 28 percent, of their profits to repurchase their own stock. That means fewer people to enjoy the increased profits.
  • They’re sitting on more than $58 billion in cash reserves as of the end of 2011. This means not spending on job creation, or putting back into society…just sitting there for them to count.
  • They spent $1.6 million on campaign contributions and $65.7 million on lobbying efforts.
  • They get $2 billion in tax breaks every year. For every $1 spent on lobbying in Washington, the big five received $30 worth of tax breaks.


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