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I know you missed your Daily Crap. Pobre Sita. Trying to make some changes to take The Horn to the next level. Alas, I know you still need your Crappy fix, so here are some of my favorite videos from the last week.

Stay Horn-y my friends.


Obama heckled at Energy Speech

Is it possible to still be Presidential while dealing with a heckler? President Barry was riffing on Energy at Ohio State University, when a heckler went a little nuts (And trying to push a book on the Pres). Rather than let the guy get the best of him and and the crowd, Obama defused the situation with a bit of sarcasm (without being condescending) and totally acting cool as hell.


Will the Real Mitt Romney Please Stand Up (feat Eminem)

Mitt Romney changes his positions more than he changes his Depends. Hence the hilarity behind this next video. By the way, how the heck do people make these autotune songs out of clips? Amazing.


Reporter Hits Pole On Live News

If you don’t actually laugh out loud when you watch this, then you just aren’t an asshole like I am. If you are, then enjoy the hell out of it.


Parenting FAILS

Which is worse, the Idiot who takes his kid skateboarding or the jokesters who abandoned their kid to get drenched by the log flume?


Huge Sewer Explosion

You thought you had a Crappy day?


Girl loses it in Class 

See, exciting stuff does happen at FAU! You have to watch this nutty chick screaming at her professor about how evolution is a hoax, but kills black people. No one’s been this fired up about evolution since Darwin, though Rick Santorum certainly clicked on this and shouted an “Amen, sista!” Although watching people lose their sh*t is awesome, my favorite part is when she screams (while whipping her hair back and forth) “I will kill the fuck out of you!” Damn, that’s my favorite part of me.


Woman’s Logic

You know that age-old question: How far will a car going 80 miles per hour travel in one hour? Sure, seems like an easy one, but that’s before a Woman tries to figure it out. The video of this chick trying to figure it out is hysterical, but I’m still wondering why this dude would show the world how moronic his wife is.


Japanese TRON Light Suit Dance Routine

Grab a beer, roll up a blunt and prepare to lose yourself in this trippy dance routine the likes of which you’ve never seen.


Miss Reef 2012 Calendar

Thank you Miss Reef for your 2012 Calendar. Cue the behind the scenes shoot…


Kate Upton Bouncing Supercut

Yes, the  exists. The Kate Upton Bouncing Supercut made an appearance here before, but Crap, its the weekend.


Have a Horn-y Weekend

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