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Playing Favorites with Federal Stimulus

Last week it was divulged that billions of dollars in “Green Loans” were given to start-up companies with ties to people currently serving in the Energy Department. Some estimates say that up to 80% of the $20.5 billion was doled out in this shady way. Obama staffed some key Energy Dept positions with rich folk a/k/a Venture Capitalists, and those guys “coincidentally” authorized the Federal funds to start-up energy companies they invested in or profited from in some manner.

I’m all for the government trying to kick-start green technology, but even the mere suggestion that the Obama White House is only helping those Green companies that put money in his “friends’s” pockets is repulsive and terrifying. It’s no secret that politics is all about making deals and currying favors, but even if this isn’t 100% true, anyone in the White House connected to any of the companies in question has to go. This is like Haliburton crap, and heads have to roll.

Read: Venture Capitalists play key role in Obama’s Energy Department — Washington Post 

"So what do you think about Solar Panels? You know screw it, float me a couple million and we'll be talking 'Bill Nye, The Surgeon General Guy', you get me?"


Riling up the Radical Right

Speaking of the White House, how about those 4 guys who’ll never live there? Right now Santorum leads the national polls, the 7th lead change since the race began – but this is more a testament to a distaste for Romney than a particular love for post-sex ass juice Santorum. In the two primaries coming up, Mitt Romney barely leads Santorum in Arizona, and Santorum is dripping his lead all over Romney in Michigan. Michigan is particularly embarassing for Mitt, not only because its shaped like his stupid name, but because it’s his “home state” and he can’t even win it.

As far as messages go, Santorum is doing his best to rile up the already riled Religious Right by claiming President Obama governs using a phony, non-biblical theology. Someone from the Santorum camp tried to explain the moronic comment, but “slipped” and clarified that Ricky Sants was referring to Obama’s radical Islamic policies. They later apologized and corrected their correction saying he referred to the President’s radical ENVIRONMENTAL policies, not Islamic. See, Obama’s policy of “serving the earth” over “serving man” are proof that he’s killing America. Don’t you know your supposed to put people over the planet, especially if they’re White Christian males?

By the way, there is NO CHANCE the Islamic comment was a slip. It was an intentional political “Freudian” slip to play off the Obama/Muslim paranoia in close-minded Amurika — the only people voting for this dousche. The statement is lame, but what else do you expect from the guy who denied saying he wanted to stop welfare to make “black people’s lives better” by explaining he said “Blah people’s lives better“…or from the same guy who says that pre-natal testing for disease should be stopped because it leads to more abortions? What a joke.

"This is the only kind of Birth Control I accept."


Other Crap

  • One of the major problems for Republicans is the Party is split between appeasing Financial Conservatives and Social Conservatives; basically between Businessmen and Religious people. Ron Paul recently proclaimed that the push towards Social Conservatism is a losing position, and I totally agree. Why spend all the time, money, and credibility playing to extreme social issues that only a percentage of the populace agrees with? The majority of America is fed up with the economy, not birth-control pills. 
  • Iran stops oil sales to the UK and France. This is all part of their You sanction us, we sanction you! games. Their thinking is that when oil prices skyrocket the world will crawl back begging. Also, the more time Iran kills playing “diplomatic” games, the more time it has to build it’s nuclear program. Damn, you can’t make the Double Dare questions too hard, otherwise they’re stupid team is forced to take the Physical Challenge.
  • Sub-Prime Mortgages are back in fashion. Don’t worry. They just destroyed our economy. You know, the industry that raped America by creating a unregulated, uneducated secondary market and ignored/hid signs of a crash so they could put more money in their own pockets? You know, the instruments created/used by the people/industry Obama promised to punish and regulate in the wake of the worst crisis in American history but then pussed out bowed to pressure from his wealthy Wall Street donors? Yeah those unregulated mortgage securities are back and in play. The rich get richer…..
  • A US District Court ordered a popular porn site to pay $4million to another porn site for piracy violations. The judgement penalized for stealing 19 movies (at the max $150,000 penalty for each) plus $1.14million in Trademark damages. This is a HUGE warning to the rest of the Porn industry considering how much pirated material is out there to whack too. Many sites steal indiscriminately assuming that Porn companies won’t take the case to court, but now this ruling changes everything. I wonder where the profits from the judgment will trickle down…
  • Think the media’s getting a little too Linsanely comfortable with all the Jeremy Lin wordplays? There’s a fine line between Asian humor and  racist insults (trust me, I intentionally cross it all the time), but at least ESPN fired one douche bag for this one…


 Crap you should Watch

  • Ever seen what a jealous alpha male monkey does if a tall guy and turns his back to him in his Cafe. All I can think of when I see this is that this is Memphis Zoo’s Miggs, and the chimpanzee Lechter is lurking in the next window.


  • Shane Tyner get elbowed in the side of the head so hard by Kenneth Crowder that a chunk of his ear gets knocked off. Somewhere Mike Tyson just said “Thhhhheeeeeeeeeet. Dat thounds awthumb”.


  • Or then there’s this guy who has to awkwardly answer the “How did you snap your arm in half? Football or skiing?” question with “No…Gymnastics”. Tough break kid.


  • A 90 yr old granny wanted to pay tribute to Whitney Houston, so she did it the best way she knows how…doing what the young’ns call “cutting a rug”.  Watch this granny be hip and break it down OLD SCHOOL to “I wanna dance with somebody” while somehow not breaking her hip.


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