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Are you Kidding Me?

The House Oversight Committee held a laughable “debate/discussion” on whether the White House’s plan to require across-the-board contraception coverage violates the Freedom of Religion to pick and choose what their insurance should cover for their employees. The Republican-run committee’s idea of a fair debate panel was to invite only Religious figures who hate Obama and have fundamental moral issues with contraception; and no one to espouse the other view point. Not a single woman (you know, someone actually affected by the argument) was invited to speak.

When Democrats tried to invite a 21 year old female Georgetown student to testify, Republicans gave them the finger and laughed said “Nope”. They refused and explained that the panel wasn’t talking about contraception (which they clearly were), but rather Obama stepping on the freedom of religion. So even if that’s the case, women don’t have a say in Religion either?

The semantics would be laughable if the religious right wasn’t trying to force their views on everyone else through this sham proceeding, but don’t get bogged down in silly facts…the Republicans aren’t spitting on you, they’re just letting their saliva hang out on your face.

This is just another disgusting attempt to pit our country against President Obama, but this is surely more destructive to the Republican Party than helpful. All they’re doing is pushing themselves further to the extreme, and basically building a dividing wall around them and keeping out the majority of Americans to appease a small minority of religious extremists. They’ve firmly establishing themselves as the party of no gays, no abortion, no contraception, no science, no saving the environment, no social programs, no helping the poor, no education, no government control over the ills of business, and no women…and this is just the stuff they brag about! At least they still have Job Creators.

Read: House Democrats walk out of Sham Oversight Committee Hearing on Religion and Contraception

"Nah...I got this"


Crap to check out

  • Hillary Clinton wants to be President of anything the World Bank. The current Bank President is stepping down, so Hillary wants to throw her shoulder pads into the mix. In her favor is an unwritten rule that an American run the Bank while a European runs the International Monetary Fund, but going against her is the fact that a woman has never run either organizations. Everyone knows: once you hand the checkbook over to the Mrs., there is no turning back.
  • The world might be calling for Syria’s Bashir as-Assad to step down for overseeing Syria’s brutal slaughter/civil war, but Russia and Iran are still supplying him with weapons. This is why the United Nations is a joke, these countries Veto sanctions with BS excuses, but its only because they have open contracts for Arms and need to keep the cash flowing. 
  • In probably the most horrific story of the week, a Honduras prison caught fire and 356 of 852 inmates died. Many who died burned alive in their cells. The cause of the fire is still unknown, but if I was trying to stage an escape, sneaking out while authorities waste time trying to ID charred bodies is the way to go.
  • There are pesticides and chemicals in everyday products that cause obesity. (“Love that Joker!“) The chemicals are in almost all plastics and can-linings, and mere contact or indigestion of even the tiniest amounts trick your body into producing more fat. So basically, you’re lazy ass now has another excuse. 
  • For you Miami Hornballs, here’s  a list of the Top 10 bathrooms to have sex in. Hey, you just never know.
  • Then there’s this Badass, who, well, just read…


Crap you should Watch

  • The Red Hot Chili Peppers Interactive video for Look Around is pretty damn cool. Use the arrow keys to scroll through different rooms, and get a different experience every time. Forget about being the future of music videos…this might be the future of ALL videos.


  • Rotterdam — Guy walks into a bar, pulls out a gun, tries to rob the joint. Not a single f*ck was given that day. The patrons ignored him, the bartender told him to piss off and the guy sulked away. Then the entire bar chases him out the door and down the block. Kick ass Robber FAIL.



  • Carl Sagan’s classic Pale Blue Dot monologue, set to music and movie clips. The best part is the mind-blowing trip through the cosmos at the end, which is actually the intro to Contact, the Jodie Foster movie based off Sagan’s book. Good luck feeling significant after this one… 


  • This next video, intelligently entitled “Sexy Beach Party in my Sparkly Speedo“, is for my female Hornballs. Or anyone who enjoys asking themselves “how didn’t he get any splinters?”


  • Oh it’s nothing. Just the best video you Hornballs will see all weekend. You’re welcome.


fABulous Friday

Just because you’re a lazy ass, doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate these Horn-y Girls who take care of their bodies. Sure maybe a couple of them need to mix in a steak or two, but don’t hate! It’s hard work to ingest less than 500 calories a day, damn it!

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