Yay for Hate on 8

Is it wrong, or accurate, to say this argument is so gay?


by The Chainsaw


California — A massive battle was won this week for Gay Rights as the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that Proposition 8 (a statewide ban on gay marriage) is unconstitutional. While this doesn’t outright allow all people to wed, it says that you can’t outright ban people from wedding, no matter what genitals they possess, or prefer in their mouth.

This does however bring about an interesting issue. While I’m thrilled to see Equal Rights given to all people regardless of sexual preference, I just have to wonder about the voters of California who democratically voted FOR the ban, and by majority, decided that it was good enough to be law. So we must all ponder, how can an un-elected Judge appointed by appointed bureaucrats, have the right to rewrite the law? In a true democracy they wouldn’t. The people voted, and the majority wanted this to be law.

Is it a good thing that a Judge can play the role of activist and overrule the majority rule?

Sure, without these appointed judges, Miranda rights, abortions, and racial de-segregation wouldn’t exist. But, before we start gloating over all the rights and freedoms the Court returned to it’s citizens from the arms of the religious (racist) sects, we must remember that at other times the court has not been so kind.

Buck v.Bell was a landmark case that gave States the right of compulsory sterilization for those who were feeble minded or too promiscuous (loose language that allowed them to sterilize anyone they didn’t see as pure…sound familiar?). Korematsu v United States gave the government the right to relocate and imprison approximately 100,000 Japanese Americans. And we can’t forget Plessey v Ferguson which established the Separate but Equal, and forced generations of blacks to use different bathrooms, water fountains, etc. So while we can be happy for the ruling in this particular case, we shouldn’t forget how past decisions have effected people in a terrible way.

But what I can’t really figure out is when did crap like this even have to be stated in law? When did America turn from the land of “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”, to the land of outlawing and punishing personal choices if they’re at odds with my religious beliefs?

It’s sad that we’re really cheering the banning of a law that should have never been made in the first place.

The Chainsaw is a new contributor to The Ryno’s Horn, and eagerly looking forward to cutting through all the bullshit for you Hornballs