Obama signs ACTA, Worse than SOPA


Back in October, President Obama signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, an international agreement which might actually be worse than SOPA. ACTA basically gives international companies the power to police the internet to “protect” their copyrights, be they in pharmaceuticals, clothing, or art/entertainment. In practice this means insisting on the shutdown of “infringing” companies and their sites, with no legal process whatsoever.

This means that Corporations will own the internet. Dealing with American companies in SOPA was annoying enough, but under ACTA, American sites could be shut down by the insistence of foreign Companies. Last time I checked, most of the world doesn’t exactly share our ideas of a “Free Marketplace” or of “Free Speech”. This is not good.

As of right now, over 30 countries have signed on, and others have until May 2013 to jump on as well.

Needless to say, the world isn’t taking to kindly to their respective governments signing away their rights to Corporations on the basis of Copyright protection.

How did this one sneak through the cracks? Well, back in October when Obama signed it, no one in Congress understood anything about the damn internet infringement/fair use issues. It wasn’t until SOPA blew up in their face around the new year, when social media went nuts and many popular websites were blacked out in protest, that they finally decided to do some research. The bills were killed.

"Oh wait, you said 'Guy Pearce Day'. Pearce. Our bad."

Now the newly-educated Senate is pissed it wasn’t consulted on a Treaty, but the White House considers ACTA an Executive Agreement with no Senate advice is necessary. The semantics are important here as a Treaty would be pretty damn binding for our country, while an EA would allow us to piss on the document if we saw fit.

I’m sure we can trust these Corporations to respect American free speech. After all, just ask Asian laborers how well their bosses respect the People. And who needs cheaper generic drugs (which violate pharmaceutical copyrights) or free speech on the internet anyway?

Given that all political candidates are indebted to big Business, ACTA will really only turn into election fodder if Internet-Power strikes like it did with SOPA and PIPA. Right now Europe is freaking out and protesting openly, but us here in Amurika can only protest so many things at one time.

Even still, I’m guessing you might hear about this once or twice before it kicks in next summer.

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