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109 Obama Wars

I can’t imagine I’m the only one sick of hearing Right wing pundits cry about how President Obama is “declaring war” on our country. These manipulative morons scream that he’s  “declared war” on women, children, religion, Christmas trees, Free Speech, farmers, conscience, energy,  decency…basically everything except for our enemies. Mother Jones compiled a pretty hysterical list of 109 things Obama has declared war on, and it’s a must-read to see how dumb or intentionally misleading/manipulative these “journalists” are.

"The state of sitcoms is atrocious, so today I announce my War on NBC."


GOPing Across the US

"See that one over there, 5th row? Yeah, I'd marry her."


Syria Madness
Syria is completely falling apart as their uprising citizens continue to be slaughtered by President Assad’s forces. Although Syria won’t allow foreign press into the country, video routinely leaks out to prove the government is lying by denying the massacre. Check out these videos of one activist’s chronicle of daily abuse in Syria. Craziness.

What Massacre?


Racist Arizona

Arizona — Alejandrina Cabrera’s name has been removed from the San Luis City Council ballot because she speaks broken English. Even though 98.7% of San Luis are of Hispanic decent, and 87% speak a language other than English, Cabrera’s opponents fought hard to get her removed from the ballot. Arizona’s Supreme Court upheld the decision, which isn’t surprising considering the other anti-Latino laws recently passed in that racist state.

"emmmm, how you say....F*ck You"


The Messiah Cometh

Tim Tebow might finally be interested in girls. Katy Perry has been pretty vocal about her desire to bang date the Gators/Broncos legend, but the rumor mill says that at some ESPN party last week in Indy, Timmy only had eyes for Maria Menounos. He chatted up the model/actress/TV host for over an hour, and both their “parties” left around 2am. Trust me Timmy, I get it. She’s gorgeous. So the choice is Katy Perry or Maria Menounos? Um….where do I sign up for the double date?

"Dear Lord, I want to thank you for these gifts...."


Crap you should Watch

  • If you like watching idiots in pain, here’s the YouTube description for the video, Kid Owned 6 times in a row: “So this kid rubs icy hot on his balls, eats a ghost chilly, gets kicked in the nuts, pepper sprayed in the eyes, shot with 3 paintball guns, and finally tasered.” Is there anything else to really add?



  • This guy from the BBC tracks down an internet Troll to call him out for being an insufferable ass. It goes down pretty much as you’d expect.


  • The other night Jimmy Fallon went to the White House and challenged Michelle Obama to feats of strength.


Thursday Dedication

I feel like now is as good a time as any to introduce you to the gorgeous Greek goddess, Maria Menounos. Check out the gallery below to see what made Tim Tebow switch teams…

Have a Horn-y Thursday (thank you Maria Menounos)


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