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Worse than SOPA

Back in October, President Obama signed the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, an international agreement which might actually be worse than SOPA. The Treaty gives international companies the power to police the internet to “protect” their copyrights, and insist on the shutdown of sites they label as “infringing”. By the way, all this can be done without any legal process whatsoever. Now over 30 countries have signed on, but not without the fair share of international protests.

This one snuck through the cracks, basically because no one in Congress understood the damn internet infringement/fair use issues until SOPA blew up in their face. The newly-educated Senate is pissed it wasn’t consulted on a Treaty, but the White House considers ACTA an Executive Agreement so no Senate advice is necessary. The semantics are important here as a Treaty would be pretty damn binding for our country, while an EA would allow us to piss on the document if we saw fit.

Oh well, I’m sure we can trust these Corporations (often from countries with different ideas of what’s offensive/infringement) to respect American free speech. After all, just ask Asian laborers how well their bosses respect the People. Given that both Romney and Obama are indebted to big Business, ACTA will really only turn into election fodder if Internet-Power strikes like it did with SOFA and PIPA. I’m guessing you might be hearing about this once or twice before it kicks in next summer.

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We all wear masks, metaphorically speaking.....


A Serious Smear Campaign

The most disgusting news to come out of Florida (besides Newt’s soiled shorts) is the Super PAC abuse of disgusting, manipulative, often false and misleading, negative ads. Mitt Rombot’s Super PAC spent $15.3 million running 12,768 ads in Florida last month (Newt’s PAC paid $3.4 for 210 ads) and 92% were negative ads slamming his rivals. That means around 11,746 NEGATIVE ads for Romney.

The Obama campaign is already preparing for the negative onslaught and trying to turn it into a fund-raising effort to fight the big-bad-Rombot PACs. Oh, aren’t you just looking forward to months of “President Obama is trying to destroy our country” or “President Obama wants to punish successful people” or “President Obama is a job killer”?

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"Here's one for you....He's black. "


What About Bibi?

Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu has some decision-making to do over the next couple months when it comes to Iran: to bomb or not to bomb. Iran is a constant threat to Israel’s existence, and a Nuclear Iran would be devastating. Should Prime Minister Bibi authorize an Israeli attack Iranian nuclear facilities? An attack would likely only set Iran’s nuclear program back a few years, but it wouldn’t end it. Is that brief respire worth facing condemnation and possibly starting a World War?

Should Israel just wait around and let the country who calls for their destruction get the weapon that would help them reach that goal? Not to mention, an Israeli attack on Iran would spur attacks on Israel from all of the terrorist groups that recieve Iranian backing, Hezbollah, Hamas, etc. How does Netanyahu weigh these options?

The US is anxious to know what Israel’s plans are. America has to stand by Israel, so naturally they don’t want to be dragged into an avoidable war. But is it avoidable? The international community finally stepped it up with severe economic sanctions against Iran, but is that just too little too late? Decisions, decisions. I’m thankful I’m not in Bibi’s shoes…but mostly because he lives the dessert and those shoes must stink.

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"Did you call me...yellow?"


Where’s the Beef Pink Slime?

“I don’t even want to know!” is the usual response when asked what a fast-food hamburger is made of. Turns out companies like Beef Products take fatty beef trimmings that barely qualify as dog-food, and treat it with ammonia to ward off cooties. This ammoniated meat aka “Pink Slime”,  is used as beef substitute at all your favorites fast food joints. Hey, whatever it takes to cut costs and increase profits! (Quality meat patties are “job killers”, you know)

The slimy secret has been exposed through a an anti-slime campaign, led most recently by celebrity chef John Oliver. Although they deny it, the resulting public pressure is probably what convinced McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Burger King to finally discontinue use of Beef Product‘s Pink Slime in January.

As gross as it is, the US Government Dept of Agriculture is still all about it, and still purchased 7 million pounds of Pink Slime for use in school lunches. I think there should be a hard-fast rule, that if it isn’t good enough for T-Bell, it isn’t good enough for our kids.

Meanwhile, at the Whale Penis factory....



Nothing feels worse than looking like an ass during a temper tantrum, especially in front of 15,000 and a TV audience. Just ask Rick Dallas Mavericks Coach Rick Carlisle who was ejected from the game because he kicked a ball that hit a fan in the face.

I’m not sure who comes off worse, Carlisle or OKC Thunder Coach Scott Brooks who ran to the Ref to tattle like a 1st grade girl.

Watch: Rick Carlisle kicks ball into fan’s face — YouTube


Rise of the Machines

Pennsylvania — Holy Crap, this video of tiny Quadrotors (flying machines with 4 sets or rotors) is both awesome and terrifying at the same time. The coordination demonstrated between the Quadrotors is amazing; you almost feel like your watching digitally-enhanced images.

As far as pracitcal application, this coordination can be utilized in nan0-machines, both the flying kind, as well as ones that will be roaming through our bodies soon for medical purposes. The technology can also be used to “communicate” between larger unmanned vehicles, planes, trucks, tanks, boats, etc.

I have to imagine Sarah Conner is going to blow this research facility to hell.

Watch: A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors — YouTube


Duet with Donkeyote

Ever wonder what a donkey sounds like when it sings? If so, then just like these hillbillies, you watched way too much Shrek.

Watch: Duet with Donkeyotee — YouTube


Dude Passes out from being Tickled

Not sure who’s weirder in this video, Larry who passes out from being tickled, or the dude that volunteers to tickle him.

Watch: Dude passes out from being tickled — YouTube


Friday Fun

Gotta get down it’s Friday. As such, I give you my fave, Katy Perry to keep you Horn-y all weekend long.

Stay Horn-y My Friends.

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