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Primary Colors

Florida — Tuesday is Florida Primary day, and many say the winner of the Sunshine State will win the Republican nomination. Fortunately the voting will end a couple of weeks of GOP lying, and telling Floridians that Republicans will save the state, yet forgetting Republicans have been running Florida for the last 14 years.

So let’s catch up on the latest in-fighting, mud-slinging, and Liberal America hating, shall we?

  • Rick Santorum seems to be the only one who wants to talk about issues, not not sling dirt. Unfortunately for him, Amurika don’t care none about issues, only soundbites. — Santorum taking the High Road — CNN

"Folks, my handlers tell me when I do this with my hand, it makes me seem serious."


Palin is a Crap-hole

Everyone’s least favorite celebrity/pundit/politician pontificated on why people should vote for Newt. Her reasoning wasn’t that he is a great man with great ideas, but rather than voting for Gingrich would “annoy the Liberals.”

“…So, if for no other reason to rage against the machine vote for Newt, annoy a liberal. Vote Newt. Keep this vetting process going, keep the debate going.”

Yes people. Hundreds of thousands died to protect your freedom to vote, so you should exercise that beautiful right solely to spite a group of people whose name means “open-minded”. That’s your vision of Amurika, Sarah Palin. You are disgusting. I’d ask you to permanently get off my television, but you do such a good job discrediting every point your side ever makes.

Watch: Palin: Rage Against the Machine, Vote Newt — YouTube


Rubio Rocks

Ricky Rubio has some chutzpah. In the video below, Rubio is chatting with Spain teammate Pau Gasol outside the locker-room, when Kobe Walks by and asks about the Olympics. Rubio tells Kobe that he and team USA better get ready for their Silver medal. This prompts a Clay Davis-like “shhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet” from Kobe. More trash talking ensues. Classic.

Watch: Rubio and Kobe talk Sheeeeeeeeeeet about Olympics —


Ferris Bueller Sells Out

Ferris Bueller could have been the coolest character from my childhood. Now Honda is trying to milk some of that 1980s Ferris cool for a a CRV Super Bowl commercial. Sure some of it is nostalgically enjoyable, but there is nothing cool about this lame ad.

Rumor has it Broderick had second thoughts about filming the ad, as he wanted to make sure to do the iconic character justice. Maybe he should have had 3rd thoughts as well. Even worse than the commercial is that it makes you realize how damn cool Matthew Broderick was before he grew up, turned into a bow-tie wearing dweeb, and married a horse.

Watch: “Matthew’s Day Off” Honda Commercial —

***Ok, this Ferris Bueller preview, re-cut to make it like Garden State, is way more enjoyable…


Talking Backwards Girl

Poteau, Oklahoma — This is both awesome and creepy at the same time. Give Alyssa any word, and she will say it backwards for you. What seems like a simple parlor trick, is actually some A Beautiful Mind crap; Alyssa can “see” the word and flip it.

Alls I’m saying is that this chick is hot, smart, and with her photographic memory will grow up to make some boyfriend miserable by recalling every damn thing he ever did…backwards. Did she make you Y-NROH?

Watch: Alyssa Talking Backwards Girl  —

Watch: Alyssa talking backwards…IN REVERSE to check


Best/Worst Campaign Ever

New York City — Some marketing wizards promoted the movie Chronicle by flying people-shaped planes around NYC. I wonder how many desensitized New Yorkers thought this was a terrorist attack before they even considered it being superheros or an ad campaign.

Watch: Flying People in NYC —


 Tuesday Boobsday

It’s Tuesday. You waited all week for this. You’re welcome….

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