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Behind the No Drop Out Proposal

In one of the more memorable moments of his State of the Union Address, President Obama proposed to make high school graduation mandatory. Sounds like a noble goal, ensuring that everyone in our country has a high-school education. But obviously Republicans refuse to back anything suggested by this president, so now they’re sticking up for the drop outs, and telling Obama to back off.

Now I realize we should limit the amount of laws that MANDATE behavior, but we’ve mandated education for some time, so this isn’t a big stretch. Its just that Republicans want to fight, and they know this is one of the few lines from Obama’s brillian SotU speech they can contest and turn into a State’s rights issue. But Republicans don’t care about High-School kids; they DON’T VOTE, and they surely don’t donate to campaigns. This is the reason Obama brought it up in the first place. Everyone wants to keep kids off the street and give them an education, and the people who it effects don’t/can’t vote.

But what people are really ignoring is that keeping drop-outs off the street technically keeps these new workers out of the work force. If they’re still technically students, then they won’t be added to the already-high unemployment figures. In Politics, there’s always a 3rd side no one’s talking about.

What do you think? Noble goal? Infringement upon State’s rights? Or just a BS red-herring proposal to make Barry O sound like he’s all about education?

Read: Republicans Vow to Protect High School Dropouts from Barack Obama — Yahoo

Is he talking to highschool kids, or to Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann?


Gingrich’s Super PAC Man

It pretty common sense that the more money you give to a campaign, the more influence you’ll have over the candidate. Over the years many have sought to limit campaign donations to ensure that no one citizen has more access to, or control over, a candidate for office. But then the Supreme Court went and messed everything up with Citizens United and said that giving money is equal to free speech; as the government can never limit free speech, people (or corporations) can give as much money as they want. The only caveat (recognizing the “influence” of money) is that the donations can’t be made directly to the candidate….hence the “unaffiliated” Super PAC was born.

Super PACs are now running amok using their huge coffers to fund manipulative ads across the country. This is the very issue Stephen Colbert exposed with his fake bid for President. Many credit Newt Gingrich’s recent surge to the work done by his Restore Our Future Super PAC. Even more alarming is that one  single man gave millions to the Newt Super PAC. Sheldon Adelson, a casino magnate (Venetian) listed as the 8th richest man in America (and the richest Jew) gave $5 million before South Carolina, and now another $5 million under his wife’s name for use in the Florida primary.

You dont think that a campaign/candidate is indebted in any way to one  man/couple who (so far) gave $10 million dollars? This is Newt’s good friend for years, so how is his donation “unafilliated” with Newt or the campaign? Did Sheldon suddenly stop talking to Gingrich so he can give him money? Did he stop sharing his ultra Pro-Israel views with Newt just because he’s running for President? Its pure BS. Juss Sayin.

Read: The Billionaire behind Newt Gingrich’s Rise —

"Newt, we really have to stop non-affiliating like this..."


Other Political Crap 

  • Cocoa Beach Newt promised crowds in Cocoa Beach an American Moon Base by end of his 2nd term if elected. Talk about manipulating a soft crowd that just lost thousands of NASA jobs. Wait just a few minutes longer Floridians, and he’ll bring Elian Gonzales back and find the Dolphins a new QB. — Gingrich promises Moon Colony if elected —
  • Obama appears to get berated by Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Tarmac. Apparently Obama didn’t like how Brewer described their last meeting in her book. I’m guessing he won’t like the image of being emasculated even more. — The Point: Brewer v Obama — USA Today

"I know you're a Democrat, Mr. President, but it doesn't make your Donkey-Punch offer any more acceptable."


More Costa Concordia

Italy — The more I see/read about the Costa Concordia clusterf*ckdisaster, the more I realize how friggin’ terrifying this must have been. I can’t even imagine the horror, or at least I can’t until Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich make the movie. As of now, 16 are confirmed dead, and 17 are still missing….but missing can’t really mean alive anymore.

Take a look at the images below of the craziness, particularly the lifeboats getting the hell out of Dodge like the end scene of SpaceBalls. If you look close enough, you can almost see Captain Francesco Schettino tripping into the lifeboat.

Read: Crazy Pics of Costa Concordia dropping lifeboats in the water —

"Rose, I can't hold on. I love you Rose." "Jack, we're 300 yds from shore. Man Up"


Who Plagiarizes these days?

Australia — No one writes a political diatribe like Aaron Sorkin. Just ask Australia’s Transport Minister Anthony “Albo” Albanese who pretty much ripped off  one the Oscar/Emmy winner’s most famous political monologues for his Attack Day speech. (see video below)

My guess is Albo got  hoodwinked by a lazy staffer who assumed Australia never saw The American President. But apparently Michael Douglas does well down under (how else do you think he got Ms. Zeta-Jones) and now Albo looks like a moron.

Albo took it in stride with his follow up Tweet: “D’oh! Stuff up (for the record, that comes from another great American, Homer Simpson)”, but he has to remember while he’s just the Transportation Minister, Michael Douglas is Andy Sheppard and he IS the President.

Read: Australian Politician Steals Speech from American President —


Moses, Spielberg Style

Moses is coming back to the big screen in a big way. Stephen Spielberg is close to inking a deal to direct Gods and Kings, a movie that paints Moses as a warrior/general leading his people out of Egypt. Producers want the story to have a “Braveheart feel”, but grittier and more realistic than the old Cecil B. Demille classic. Think Saving Private Ryan’s Ten Commandments.

Hollywood is going through a big of a Bad-Ass Jew phase since Inglorious Baserds, with the Moses flick as well as Judah Maccabee movie brought to you by new Jew-lover, Mel Gibson. Who will play Moses? I’m guessing Daniel Day Lewis (next seen in Spielberg’s Abe Lincoln flick), but more likley than not, we’ll get the ultimate Jew fill in, Adam Goldberg. Can they make the Rock look like a Heeb?

Read: Spielberg to direct Moses epic: Gods and Kings —

"And God said....Let you own the movie industry"


Cooler Than You

This kid’s dad bet him $100 that he couldn’t do a backflip every day for an entire year. He did and got it all on tape. Makes you sad that you can’t commit to anything, doesn’t it?

Watch: One Back Flip a Day for a Year — YouTube


Things That Bounce Thursday

We Hornballs are simple folk. Enjoy….

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