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Canadian Bacon Beer

Winnipeg, Canada –  Whether it’s hockey pucks to the face or bullets to the eye, nothing will stop a Crazy Canuck. On New Years Eve, Cops were called to a notorious drug/party house where they found two people ringing in the New Year in less than ideal condition.

One man was dying on the floor, and a 30 year old woman was sitting calmly in a chair with a gunshot wound to her eye. The woman was “severely impaired by either drugs or alcohol or both” and unfazed by the events. The medics tried to attend to her medical needs, but she refused…until she finished her beer.

Never get between a Canadian and their Molson.

Full Story – Shot in the eye, woman insists on finishing beer — Winnipeg Free Press

Nice Cans from a Molson Fan (not the one that was shot, that would be weird)


Pox by Mail

Ever go to a Pox Party as kid? Neither did I. Times have surely changed. When I was a kid, parents quarantined their kids when they had the Pox. Today parents have Facebook groups like “Find a Pox Party in Your Area”.

I can understand the logic behind exposing your child at a young age when the harm is relatively minimal. I even get giving a child a a vaccine, and I can even kinda buy setting your kid up for a play date with an infected child. I have to draw the line at ordering a “Pox Package” in the mail.

Apparently some dumb crazy parents order packages of previously licked lollipops, wet rags and saliva from complete and total strangers and give their children. I say again…Saliva, Strangers, Children. Do these parents have any common sense? How do they not realize OTHER things can be transmitted through mail-ordered saliva as well?

Full story:  CBS 5 Investigates Mail Order Diseases — KPHO CBS5

"Hey Bobby, come drink this..."


The Christmas Present

Jacksonville, FL  – Want to ruin Christmas for everyone?? Kill a nice old lady, leave her in bed and cover her up with Christmas presents. I promise, someone will hate the gifts you left them. Unfortunately Michele O’Dowd’s twin brother was that someone. Brother Dowd came to Michele’s house in Jacksonville. He found it ransacked and also found his sister brutally beaten, strangled and left in her bed under a pile of Christmas presents.

The police determined the only thing stolen was a Debit Card, and that card was used by Patty White at 2 nearby ATMs. Patty tried to disguise herself, but family members identified her. So after spreading her holiday cheer, Patty hightailed it back home to South Carolina, but was quickly picked up by the cops and returned to Florida to face murder charges. And a house fill of bloody, unwrapped presents.

Full Story – York Woman Killed Roommate in FL, Left Body Under Christmas Presents — WBTV3

Pat White


Just Say No … To Synthetic Drugs

Pittsburgh, PA – Remember the old days when kids could hide out behind the school bleachers or just sit in their cars and blaze up on some Mother Nature? Isn’t everyone going “Green” these days? Then why are kids smoking synthetic marijuana out of plastic PEZ dispensers? Can’t they just go buy a pipe or a bong at a convenience story like the rest of us?

Hopefully this tragic story of a Pittsburgh 8th grader Brandon Rice might help boost real pot & bong sales. B-Rice smoked some synthetic pot out of a PEZ dispenser and damaged himself so severely that he actually needed new lungs. He was fortunate enough to get a double lung transplant, but his meds killed his immune system, and he died from infection.

This truly is a horrible story and with a tragic ending. I really hope that some parents have heard this story and are taking a good look into their children’s lives. And if you find anything particularly interesting, just send it to me and I’ll get rid of it for you guys.

Full story:  Artificial Marijuana Causes Death of Westmoreland Boy — Pittsburgh Tribune



 Sex, Stabbing & Satan

Milwaukee, WI – An internet love story so shocking that it has to be on TV crime show soon. Guy meets Girl online (probably on They hit it off, Guy takes a bus from Phoenix all the way to Milwaukee to go see Girl. Things go very well and eventually lead into the bedroom where kinkiness ensues. Girl ties up Guy with duct tape and Girl’s roommate joins the fun. Things get even kinkier when the knives come out for some bloodsport and other occult activities.

For the next 2 days our brave hero is held captive and repeatedly used as a sex slave, cut, stabbed and slashed(over 300 times) by the two ladies until he escapes. Upon arrest, the sexy vixens explained that they like to smoke cigarettes and channel their best Sharon Stone from Basic Instinct. They told cops everything was “consensual” but admitted it got a little “out of hand”. (Ya think so??)

The story ends with the roommates spending some quality time behind bars. Girl will be played by Rebecca Chandler and the Roommate will be Raven “Scarlett” Larrabee (a known Satanic practitioner). The lead male actor is still unknown. Look for it on CSI: Milwaukee late 2012.

Read :  Satanic Sex Encounter Leaves Man With Hundreds Of Wounds – WISN 12 News

Rebecca and Raven after they put their knives down


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