Ethics of Newt and the News

"Romney you are an incompetent asshole. Obama is an evil socialist killing our country. ABC you are despicable pieces of crap....This negativity has to stop!


South Carolina— Newt Gingrich used the 9,084th Republican Presidential debate to launch into a self-serving tirade about the ethics of the media. The former Speaker has been vocal with his anger at the influence Mitt’s Super PAC money has had on the media, but things got worse after ABC aired an interview with his bitter 2nd wife Marianne.

Newt feels it was irresponsible for ABC to run the interview and negatively influence the super-conservative SC voters, and he also had his few choice words for moderator John King who opened the debate with a Marianne question. For the record, Marianne says Newt doesn’t have the moral character to be President.

Marianne, if you recall, was Newt’s mistress while he was married to his first wife Jackie. Marianne says Newt tried to save their marriage (while she was sick with MS) by opening it up to other chicks. When she refused, he left her for his 3rd wife, who he told Marianne would let him dangle his dick wherever he pleased. (Newt denies, but I’m going with the “truth is somewhere in the middle” doctrine).

Newt is concerned that Marianne’s story will negatively influence super conservative South Carolina, but its hard to take him seriously considering he’s married to his mistress that he cheated on his sick wife who used to be his mistress with his first wife who he cheated on while she was sick.

The “Family Values” and “Sanctity of Marriage” routine is about as credible as Dick Cheney giving hunting-safety lessons.

Newt unintentionally killed his whole Higher than Thou defense when he decried that the media’s attention to the matter so close to the primary voting “is as close to despicable as anything I can imagine.”

I guess Newt can’t imagine the actual cheating on his sick wife…for the 2nd marriage in a row.

Gingrich also gave the Debate audience the standard Liberal, elite media Attacking Republicans instead of Obama bull crap. Newt, you’re running for President, dumbass! The attention is on YOU because you made it about you. Plus the “elite” media are all wealthy Republicans. Shut it already, Stay Puff.

Either way, I do agree his marriage(s) should NEVER have been brought up at a Presidential debate, so it was great to see Gingrich make moderator John King sulk like a puppy who peed in the corner.

Now lets see if voters buy into the BS or see it as another blatant example of the Newt calling the kettle “Newt”.


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