SOPA Uproar Making a Difference

Congress' change of heart since the SOPA Blackout protests

This week some of your favorite websites (Reddit, Wiki, Twitpic, et al) were blacked-out, while others (Facebook, YouTube) plastered “Stop Censorship” across their pages.

All this is in protest of SOPA, the proposed legislation that would give businesses the power to kill free use of the internet.

The Stop Anti Piracy Act (or the Protect IP Act in the Senate) was proposed with the noble intentions of eliminating piracy that costs movie/music studios, production houses, and corporations billions of dollars a year. Unfortunately, the horribly worded language of the bills would give power to those business to shut down any sites they feel infringe upon their copyrights.

“Offending” sites would be shut down asap, without hearing or trial, and search engines like Google would no longer be able to list the “offending” site in its searches. It would be up to the “offending” site to defend itself later through appeals, but good luck with that.

For those of you that don’t get why this is a big deal, it will kill the internet. Even Facebook can be shut down because all of you post Movie/TV/Music clips without paying Copyright fees.

Just about every site (from CNN to The Ryno’s Horn) posts content that could technically be determined as infringement. For example, take a video of a group of kids singing with the TV and radio playing in the background…the show on the TV, the song playing, the posters in the background, and even the clothes worn by the kids, would all be entitled to copyright protection. Anyone who posted that video could have their site shut down for good, and possibly face civil and criminal charges.

Free Use is the nature of the internet, and SOPA would take the web away from People and hand it to the whims of Corporations and their government puppets. Thankfully People are fighting back, and once again using the Power of  Social Media and Social Networking to restore balance in our country that too often protects the interests of Big Business over the People.

There are other ways to fight piracy than by handing the internet over to the policing of Corporate America.

Hornballs, take a moment and Sign this very important Petition to let Congress know that SOPA should be DOA.


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