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World Wide Web Blackout

Today you’ll notice some of your favorite websites (Reddit, Wiki, Twitpic, et al) are blacked-out, while others (Facebook, YouTube) have “Stop Censorship” plastered around their pages. All this is in protest of SOPA, the proposed legislation that would give businesses the power to kill free use of the internet.

The Stop Anti Piracy Act (or the Protect IP Act in the Senate) was proposed with the noble intentions of eliminating piracy that costs movie/music studios, production houses, and corporations billions of dollars a year. Unfortunately, the horribly worded language of the bills would give power to those business to shut down any sites they feel infringe upon their copyrights. The “offending” sites would be shut down asap, with no hearing or trial, and search sites like Google would no longer be able to list the “offending” site in its searches. It would be up to the “offending” site to defend itself later through appeals.

For those of you that don’t get why this is a big deal, this means that Facebook can be shut down because all of you post Movie/TV/Music clips without paying Copyright fees. And just about every site (from CNN to The Ryno’s Horn) posts content that could technically be determined as infringement. For example, take a video of a group of kids singing with the TV and radio playing in the background…the show on the TV, the song playing, the posters in the background, and even the clothes worn by the kids, would all be entitled to copyright protection. Anyone who posted that video could have their site shut down for good, and possibly face civil and criminal charges.

Free Use is the nature of the internet, and SOPA would take the web away from People and hand it to the whims of Corporations. Thankfully People are fighting back, and once again using the Power of  Social Media and Social Networking to restore balance in our country that often protects the interests of Big Business over the People. There are other ways to fight piracy than by handing the internet over to the policing of Corporate America.

Hornballs, take a moment and Sign this very important Petition to let Congress know that SOPA should be DOA.


Super PAC Men

In case you haven’t been paying attention, Steven Colbert and Jon Stewart are brilliant. Colbert recently announced his candidacy for President (of the United States of South Carolina), but it’s his and Stewart’s handling of the Super PAC that has taken their brand of Political Satire/Activism to another level. Technically it’s called the Definitely Not Coordinating with Steven Colbert Super PAC, and it’s exposing the absurdity of how Super PACs are “independent” of the actual campaign, so they can say/do whatever they want no matter how negative, misleading or manipulative it might be. These Super PACs play dirty politics while the candidates they support (but don’t coordinate with) get to sit back with “clean” hands.

The disgusting, manipulative power of the Super PACs has been on full display during the Republican Primaries, as record numbers have been spent on ads in Iowa, New Hampshire, and now South Carolina. Those spending the most are walking away on top. Well now Stewart and Colbert are fighting the horrible influence of Super PACs with their own Super PAC, and doing so in a way that will surely get immense coverage.

Exposing the influence of Big Money on our world is one of the most important issues we can discuss, so expect a lot of Super PAC madness on the Horn in the upcoming election year. Thankfully we have Stewart and Colbert to make it all entertaining. Let’s just hope people are listening…and hearing.

Check out the first two Definitely Not Coordinating with Steven Colbert Super PAC ads below.

Read: DefinitelyNotCoordinatingwith


Paterno “Didn’t do Enough”

Pennsylvania — Joe Paterno granted his first interview to the Washington Post last weekend, in hopes of de-sullying his name ruined by that guy who Sandusky’d those kids. Paterno admitted he didn’t do enough after Mike McQueary told him about he infamous “shower incident”. Paterno explained McQueary didn’t go into too much detail, but he still reported it to his superiors. Paterno denied knowing anything about Sandusky’s shady side during their 30+ years working together, but admits he “didn’t do enough” after hearing McQueary’s story.

The interview didn’t make me “forgive” Joe-Pa for his failure to protect those kids, but it did make me feel sorry to read how sick Paterno is, and how his last days (in life and at PSU) ended in such a disgusting way. The winningest coach in history bled for Penn State since 1950 (Head Coach since 1966), and transformed the Podunk school into the powerful institution it became, yet he was abruptly fired by a terse phonecall from a Trustee a few days after the Sandusky story broke.

Keep in mind that Paterno didn’t do anything illegal (he did his “legal duty” and reported the incident to his superiors) and he wasn’t the one who hurt those boys, so why was he terminated so unceremoniously? The Trustees were just more concerned over PR than for the man who many say is the living embodiment of the University. And now instead of going out a success who turned thousands of boys he into men (not Sandusky-style), Paterno was pushed out the door and left to wither away to lung cancer.

I’m not saying that he shouldn’t have been let go, I’m just completely at odds with the reactionary nature in which it was done. Reports differ on how treatable/terminal the lung cancer is, but I just hope Joe Paterno lives long enough to get the respect and love from the University he rightfully deserves. Read the entire Washington Post interview below.

Read: Joe Paterno’s 1st Interview since Sandusky Scandal —


Wow. Best. Video. Ever.

Green Bay— A big thanks goes out to loyal Hornball @PocketDitkas for sending me this next gem. An even bigger THANK YOU goes out to the parents of the woman in this video…your parenting FAIL is our gain. My stomach hurts from laughing so hard at this crying Packers fan blaming her friend for the Packers’ disappointing loss to the Giants.

“The packers were supposed to go to the Super Bowl and they didnt because you told me to put the sparkles on my nails….Its your fault! You told me to put SPARKLES on my nails!”

Just another reason to love drunk chicks…and Megan who was nice enough to film her bestie’s meltdown.

Watch: Sad Packer Fan —


Douchebag of the Week

West Virginia — Marshall’s Head Coach Tom Herrion is a douche. In the waning minutes of Saturday’s game against Univ of Central Florida, Herrion faked a heart attack to help his team with the game.

A UCF player came near Herrion on the sideline, and while it’s difficult to see if any contact was made, it’s not difficult to see Herrion’s over-acted reaction to it. Herrion literally doubles over grasping his chest, then crawls along the sideline gasping for air…and a foul call. Herrion got the foul call, Marshall hit their free throws, and went on to win the game by 1 point.

All players want a coach who will do anything to win, but watching your coach cheat can’t make you proud (unless you play for the New England Patriots). Plus, after Jerry Sandusky and Bernie Fine, I’m just not too fond of coaches on their knees.

***Every video I tried to post was removed from YouTube. Obviously Marshall is embarrassed by their buffoon coach’s antics and hope by erasing the evidence they can pretend it never happened. 

Watch: Marshall Head Coach Tom Herrion Faking a Heart Attack — YouTube


Even his own players are laughing at this BS


Badass of the Week

…Goes to a Crow now known as the Don King of the animal kingdom. I thought Cats kill crows, but this badass bird actually instigates a fight between 2 cats.  The two crazy pusses go at it like Neo v Agent Smith, while this week’s Badass disregards his feathered safety to keep his ringside seat.

I’m not sure how this badbird can fly with such huge brass balls.

Watch: Crow sparks fight between two cats —


Humpday Horn-iness

Oh Hornballs, how you love the Humps. I get more mail about butts than I do about politics, that’s for sure. And this week we got so many pictures that we created a separate page to house them all. Twice as many Humps! So enjoy this week’s double-dose of submissions, and Have a Horn-y one, will ya?


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Want MORE Hump Day Humps? We got so many pictures this week that we created a separate page to house them all. Twice as many Humps!

What are you waiting for?


Have a Horn-y Hump Day


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