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Out with the Old, In With The Old

Washington DC – Bill Daley resigned as the White House Chief of Staff after one year as Obama’s right hand man. The short tenure isn’t surprising; the Chief of Staff is arguably the 2nd most powerful (and demanding) job in the country, and the average CoS lasts 18 months (though Obama’s first CoS, Rahm Emanuel, was quick to point out he served longer).

With our economy in the crapper and 99% of our country blaming the games played by Financial institutions for our current recession/depression, did President Obama take advantage of an opportunity to bring in someone different to effectuate change? No chance. Instead Obama brought in another Exec from the Financial Industry to run our country. See, the status quo pays off just fine for the ones who “have” and the ones who “can”, and they’re the ones who run our country.

Don’t believe me? Obama’s last two Chiefs of Staff both served atop Financial Institutions at the root of our economic woes: Rahm at Freddie Mac and Daley at JP Morgan Chase. Now Obama named Jack Lew, former head of CITI’s Alternative Investment Divisionas, as his new Chief of Staff. The White House is currently touting Lew’s government experience, but you just can’t ignore that the Alternative Investment Division made billions betting ON the collapse of the mortgage system in this country. That means that the 2nd most powerful person in the US, not only knew of the impending economic collapse, but also banked off it.

I do applaud the appointment of an Orthodox Jew during this particular period of time. Obviously I’m cool with flipping the Zionist middle finger towards the Middle East, but I’m surprised Obama is, especially considering all the negotiating with Arabs and Anti-Semites we’re in store for. Time will tell how that plays out, but at least us Yids have a year to talk about a powerful Jew other than David Stern.

One this is for sure…with another BIG money man in charge, no one will be pressing for big punishments in the financial sector. Sure they pulled off the biggest scam in the history of our country, but his former colleagues are the job creators! HOPE isn’t the four-letter word coming to mind right now.

"That's Ryno, with a in Y won't you stop pulling this Crap?"


Another Iranian Scientist Killed

Tehran — Iran went ahead and lost another Senior Scientist working on their “secret” nuclear program after Mostafa Ahmadi-Roshan, 32, was blown up Wednesday. Motorcycles rolled up alongside the convoy of Roshan, a Director at Iran’s Natanz enrichment facility, and placed a magnetic bomb on his car door. Know what happened next? Mostafa doesn’t. Boom.

Naturally no one is stepping forward to take credit for the assassination, but everybody already assumes the culprits were The Zionists or The Great Satan.

Iran is furious, but mostly because it thought it could avoid the bombing of nuclear and/or uranium facilities and nuclear bomb factories by building them deep underground and into mountains. That forced the US, Israel, et al, to get creative with crippling computer viruses and now assassinating engineers and scientists.

Oh the tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive the world about hostile nuclear programs.


Pissed at Soldiers Pissing

Afghanistan — This next video is infuriating both in the image as well as the obvious repurcusions. Prepare to watch Marine Snipers piss on what are reported to be dead Taliban.

“F*cking Americans” — Everybody around the world.

This is what happens when you give morons and bullies guns, and those morons catch the people trying to kill them and their friends. This will most certainly find its way into the Hate-America propaganda machine and has the potential to spread fury faster than Sheep AIDS through the Islamic world.

Surprisingly, so far the official word from the Taliban is mum, brushing this off as typical American behavior, but one has to assume retaliation pissing (or bombing) will come soon.

Watch: Marines urinate on corpses of dead Taliban —


F*ckin Pigs

You know how much I love exposing dirty cops, so here’s a video of an officer clearly pulling a baggie of white powder out of his pocket and planting it in a suspect’s car.

You know it happens all the time, you just never see it. Besides the obvious charges, the cops should also be found guilty of intense stupidity as they knew their cop-car had a camera, but still tried to make the plant!

We need to keep pointing this stuff out. It’s not the 40′s, the Police work for us, and are supposed to protect us, not beat us or screw us. That’s what marriage is for.

Watch: Utica Cops caught planting drugs on suspect — YouTube


Jailed for Scraps

South Carolina — Linda Ruggles spent 10 days in jail because her yard was messy. Ruggles, 53, is poor and collects scrap metal to sell for money. When the scrap piled up in her yard, her neighbors complained and Mount Pleasant fined Linda $480. With limited funds and her house already in foreclosure, Linda decided to ignore the fine and use the money to, you know, eat.

Mount Pleasant cops say they worked with Ruggles for 3 years to clean up her yard, but she was uncooperative. I don’t care if she stored elephant sybians on her lawn, it’s friggin’ ridiculous that you can be imprisoned for having a non-dangerous/unoffensive object on YOUR property.

Given that it probably cost Mount Pleasant more than $480 to house Ruggles for 10 days, the imprisonment was surely done to send a message. Message received: South Carolinians are unconstitutional assholes.

Read: Woman spends 10 days in jail for messy yard —

"Woe is me....wait I get 3 meals a day in here?"


Everyday He’s Juggling

Check this video of this dude shuffling and juggling at the same time. Yeah, sounds like Shakespearean theater, but its further proof you don’t have any cool talents.

Watch: Everyday I’m Jugglin’ — Youtube

Sh*t Nobody Says

Here’s another in the line of the Sh*t ____ Says meme, but this one is actually funny.

Watch: Shit Nobody Says — YouTube


Impressions by Isaac

Isaac’s spot-on impressions won’t get him any ass, but at least they’ll get a laugh or two out of you. Seriously, this guy is good.


Friday Fun Day

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