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New Hampshire Exposure

The New Hampshire Primary results came in exactly as I predicted yesterday. Mitt Romney won the Primary, but talking heads will debate whether his 39% of the vote is enough to set him up as the definitive GOP man to beat. Personally, I think it’s laughable that Romney has been a “favorite” running for President for so long, yet he can’t even garner 40% support from peeps in his own territory. At least that shows me there are 60% of Republicans kind of paying attention.

As for the rest of the group, the libertarian NH also loves them some Ron Paul (23%), and they gave Jon Huntsman (17%) enough reason to hang around for a bit. Last week’s novelty Rick Santorum petered out (9%) in the not-so-religious state, while Newt Gingrich (10%) and Rick Perry (1%) also scored low enough to get lottery picks in next year’s draft.

With Romney’s place atop the ticket pretty much locked-up (though embarrassing that Santorum still gets votes over him), that leaves only 3 interesting angles left to this GOP madness. The first is with South Carolina up next, will Huntsman, Santorum or Newt recover any ground in the South, or will they continue to throw away other people’s money like Rick Perry?

The 2nd is which of these guys will sell their soul and beg their way onto the ticket as VP? They should be careful slinging mud Mitt’s way considering they’ll all be stumping for him for the rest of the year.

The final issue is easily the most interesting…if Ron Paul continues to rise in the polls and in campaign donations, at what point will he break away from the Republicans and run on a 3rd party ticket? Many think a 3rd Party Paul would completely splinter the Republican voters along libertarian/conservative lines, but it would also surely siphon votes away from Independents disenchanted with President Obama’s financial record. Either way, its the only unpredictable move left in this lame, pro-forma election cycle.

"Yes, only 10 more days of pretending I agree with you people!!!!"



You’ve read my rants on the topic before, but when Congress returns to session, both Houses will vote on bills that would virtually shut down your Ryno’s Horn. The House’s Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Senate’s Protect IP Act (PIPA) give copyright holders (studios, production houses, corporations) the power to basically shut down web-sites that play any of their protected copyrighted material.

These laws are really intended to shut down overseas (read China) sharing sites where users rip movies, songs, tv shows, etc, but it can (and will) be used to shut down almost every non-corporate site on the intraweb. Think about it…almost every single YouTube video posted on this and other blogs/websites play some type of pirated material, and most don’t pay licensing fees to the studio because a little girl happened to be singing a copyrighted Nicki Minaj song.

The internet has always thrived on fair use, a way for everyone to share anything with the masses…think of it as the world’s mix-tape. Imagine if you could be sued, or forced to destroy your boom-box because the studio heard you filmed a video standing outside your girlfriend’s door playing In Your Eyes. That’s pretty much what will happen if these laws are passed; the government will break my damn boom box.

Copyright holders are losing money from piracy and deserve protection, but these laws are just too all-encompassing. Fighting Chinese piracy shouldn’t shut down the web as we know it. I get that studios some might not be thrilled I have 250 (free) blu-ray movies chillin’ on my hard drive, but that has absolutely nothing to do with The Ryno’s Horn…does it?

In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears peeled for social media stalwarts (like Reddit and their proposed blackout) to keep pushing the anti-SOPA cause, and do what you can to keep this Crap from passing.

READ: With Congress on Break, SOPA fight continues — CNN

READ: Reddit’s SOPA blackout admirable, but Google and Facebook must follow —

Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-dumb videos


Oklahoma, WTF?

Oklahoma hates Muslims. So much so that in 2010, 70% of Okes voted to specifically outlaw Sharia Law from even being considered by Courts when ruling on judgments. The rationalization for the legislation was fear that in the future Muslims will seek to usurp our government with their Sharia Law.

Does Oklahoma realize that the government can’t ban any one religion nor can they support one religion over another? No, because people in Oklahoma (and across the rest of the Bible Belt) think Government shouldn’t protect freedom of religion, only freedom to practice Christianity.

Fortunately the Federal Courts stepped in and ruled that this dumb-ass, xenophobic law was unconstitutional and would violate the constitutionally protected right to practice any religion you want. The ban would keep the courts from accepting that Sharia Law does play a role in dictating personal behavior for millions of Americans, and that doesn’t sound so freedom of religion-y, does it?

In any case, why the hell is Oklahoma worrying about the 10 Muslims that made it that far inland? Last I heard, the only guy to bomb Oklahoma was a Christian named Timothy McVeigh….

 READ: Oklahoma Sharia Ban Unconstitutional, Court Rules —

Muneer Awad learned the hard way that the AP's latent way to contest a Muslim's challenge of Constitutionality is to only run goofy pictures


Buy my Boy for $20 million

Saudi Arabia — Maybe this next story is what had racist Oklahomans all scared crapless. A Saudi man faced bankruptcy after his illegal debt-collection business was shut down, so to keep his family from “falling into poverty”, Saud bin Nasser Al Shahry offered his most valuable possession for sale…his son.  And where does a bankrupt Dad go to peddle his children? Facebook, duh!

Seriously, Nasser Al Shahry posted a Facebook update offering his son for $20 million. Cheer up kid, $20 mil might be a low starting offer, but it’s way better if it’s an opening bid. Just keep your grades up otherwise Pops might lose a mil or two. But definitely be excited, because human trafficking is probably exactly How Nasser Met Your Mother, so at least you have losing virginity to the highest bidder to look forward to.

Facebook will try to block the sale on their end (Zuckerberg has a “delete post” button) Saudi Arabia doesn’t really have strong Anti-Kid Trafficking laws on the books. Fortunately for the boy, Mom hasn’t “Liked” Daddy’s Facebook post yet, but that probably has more to do with her not being allowed to use the computer than anything else.

Read: Saudi Man tries to sell son on Facebook for $20 million — DailyMail.Uk

Their profile pic on


Sparking a Pot Debate

Weed is safe? Not quite, but a recent Federally-backed study concluded that minor marijuana use has no lasting effects on your lungs. The study was conducted by what I’m assumed was a sober group of scientists, and followed over 5000 participants (aged 18-30) for 20 years. They found that smoking a joint a week (or even a joint a day in some cases) resulted in little to no damage to lungs, unlike cigarette smokers whose lung function declines with repeated use.

Results were inconclusive about heavy pot smoking (too few of the 5000 smoked “heavily”, while cig smokers usually average 9 a day), but enough to show that weed doesn’t damage lungs like cigarettes do. Interestingly, completely unlike the case with cig smokers, weed tokers showed increased or strengthened lung tissue and capacity. Maybe this is from the deep inhaling, or perhaps just from a biological desire for bigger bong hits.

The study was backed by the Federal Government, and after 20 years it’s the most credible study to date. Sure, the US Government isn’t mandating Blunts for all just yet, but the study proves that natural marijuana is no where near as dangerous as LEGAL tobacco.

Read: Marijuana doesn’t harm lung function, study found — Associated Press



Victoria Falls, Africa — Erin Langworthy took a leap off Victoria Falls Bridge, but her bungee cord snapped and she plunged 364 feet into the croc-infested waters below. The Australian tourist was fortunate to escape virtually unscathed (other than the pants she peed in), but upon watching the video of her fall, she’ll find out her friends suck. Other than a couple OMGs and a F-bomb or two, her pals just watch her float away into water that could have been from the end of Temple of Doom.

Which made me wonder, if my girlfriend/wife/escort  had her rope snapped, would I have lept off that bridge to save her, or just let her wash away and later do a hard target search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse  for her body?


Thank You Kate Upton

It might be the Directing of this next video that caught my attention, or perhaps it was the classy editing or catchy background beat, but I’m guessing it had more to do with the terrific cast: Kate Upton’s bouncing boobs.

Do I really need to give you more of an intro than that?



Hump Day Fun

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