Vermin Supreme for President


Manchester, NH — Instead of showing you more footage of the GOP’s lame “debates”, I’ll instead introduce you to the Friendly Fascist, Vermin Supreme. Vernin is a bearded, boot-hatted, original and he’s running for President on a strong platform of:

  1. Mandatory tooth brushing (Government issued toothpaste)
  2. Increased spending on Time Travel research, and
  3. Increased attention to Zombie preparedness

Vermin also promises a Pony for every American. It’s just good policy. 

Interestingly, this footage of the open debate was shot on December 19, but wasn’t aired until January 3rd, after the Iowa Caucus. Sure it’s just a joke, but the powers-that-be didn’t want to draw attention to a goofball bringing any type of unscripted action near their “real” Republican candidates.

The exciting thing about Vermin Supreme is that it shows ANYONE can reach the masses now. With proper use of social media, Candidates can reach more people easier now than ever before. This hopefully means less reliance on political parties to get elected, and ultimately more representatives will put the needs of the People ahead of financial backers. A Ryno can dream, can’t he?

In the meantime, we have Vermin and his Facist Dentism.


This is the closest thing New Hampshire has to Steve Berke

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