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Jermito's Freaky Girl of the Week

Engagement Gone Wrong

Bay St Louis, Mississippi — So you found the nerve to pop the question. She said “Yes”, so now what do you do? If you said “smoke some Meth and have a bondage party” then you’d love how long haul trucker Mark Andrew Rice and his prostitute fiancée Natasha Carpenter celebrated their pending nuptials. What could go wrong? After Rice finished living out his “fantasy” he found his bound and gagged fiancée was no longer alive.

The shock of it all sent Rice straight to his dealer where he bought “all the Meth he had”. Then he drove non-stop cross country from Cali to good Ole Miss to say goodbye to his ex and his kids before he killed himself. When his family took his gun away, he got into his truck (with the dead fiancée inside) and set it ablaze. Unfortunately for him he was pulled out in time and was arrested. Fortunately for him the State of California isn’t pressing charges for murder and Mississippi can only charge him with arson and desecrating a corpse. He plead guilty and will serve 6 years.

Some guys have all the luck….

Full Story: Mark Andrew Rice Guilty in Meth-Fueled Sex Party Case — Huffington Post

Natasha before she said "Yes"


Brotherly Love

North Charleston, SC -  Am I my brother’s keeper…of drugs he kept up his ass? The answer for most of us is NO, but I guess Deangelo and Wayne Mitchell had a different relationship. On Nov 30th the Wayne Brothers were pulled over for a broken tail light and while hand cuffed in the back of the squad car Deangelo convinced his younger brother Wayne to ingest the ounce of cocaine he had stashed in his ass. With justifications like ”I can’t get no more strikes” and “one of us gotta do it, you the only one who don’t have any strikes…You my little brother…I’m gonna get life”, who could say No?

Wayne clearly couldn’t so he ate it, said ”I love you, bro” and then died shortly after. Deangelo was charged with drug trafficking and posted $50k bail only to be rearrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter after the cops reviewed the in-car footage and the toxicology report said Wayne died from acute cocaine toxicity.

Good thing there’s like 18 Waynes brothers.

Read Story -  Younger brother eats cocaine from older sibling’s butt then dies….  NY Daily News

The Wayne Bros in living color


World Series Seductress Acquitted

Philadelphia, PA -  I know a lot of die-hard fans out there that would do almost anything to get their paws on some Championship tickets. So when I heard how Susan Finkelstein was arrested by an undercover cop who responded to her online ad where she offered sexual favors in exchange for World Series Tickets, I was appalled. What is wrong with bartering? Isn’t that what we did back before we had money?

Finklestein admitted she had placed a “goofy ad” on Craigslist back in 2009. She hoped to use her” feminine wiles” to score some tickets, but denied she offered tricks for tix. At her trial last year, “The (baseball) glove didn’t fit …so they had to acquit (the prostitution charges)” but they did convict her on bullshit attempted prostitution charges. Sexy Susan appealed and the State Superior Court gave her the sign to round third and slide into home (if she so pleases). They said that since she was cleared of the more serious charge she could not be charged for the other because the proof required to sustain both charges was the same.

The court also said the crime of prostitution was not intended to “criminalize private illicit sexual relations” and Finkelstein was not engaged in “sexual activity as a business”. The prosecutors do not agree and are kicking the dirt, pouting and calling “Foul”. I just wondered if she really would have played ball.

Read Story – PA appeals courts overturn conviction in World Series Tickets for Sex Case — Washington Post

Nice Tix


Getting Freaky at the Courthouse

Jacksonville, FL -  I’m all for having some freaky fun in public places. I’ve even had my fair share, but the key is not to get caught. Unfortunately for Jarred Dauth and Maya Manseur, they didn’t know that key. After a night of some drinking the UF students felt a little daring and courageous, so they climbed over a 6 foot fence at a construction site at the Federal Courthouse for some sexy time on a picnic table. The cops came, and Jarred tried to run away, but was caught wet handed. I’m sure that didn’t go over well with the cops nor the girlfriend he abandoned. Both Gators were charged with trespassing and indecent exposure.

This story actually hits very close to home as I had a similar run in with the law during college with my girlfriend, a picnic table and a public park after hours. Fortunately I didn’t run and we both got away with only a warning. Bad news was my girlfriend never forgave me and we never had any public adventures again. It wasn’t too much longer before we broke up, so I’ll leave you to decide if there’s a correlation. (Yes there was)

Read Story -  UF students caught having sex at courthouse — News 4 Jax

Jarred and Maya before the dumping


Finger Banged Chihuahua

Fort Lauderdale, FL –  I really hate those little yappy Taco Bell dogs. They freakin scare me. One moment they’re all nice and sweet, the next they go all Cujo and start snapping and biting you for no apparent reason. That is the last dog I would ever get. Obviously Clemente Velasquez and her roommate Tomas Bautista disagree and like tiny, loud, vicious demons. Tomas might even like his roommate’s Chihuahua Mimi a little too much.

According to reports, one night Clemente heard a yelp from Mimi in the back yard and went to check on her. What she found was the dog running away from Tomas wasted and passed out with his pants open. The cops were called, the dog had clearly been abused, and Touchy Tomas admitted he gets a little “crazy” when he drinks, and to him “crazy” means he “Finger Banged” Mimi.

Tomas was arrested and sent somewhere to be finger-banged himself before his raw ass gets deported back to Guatemala.

Read Story – Oakland Park man accused of sexually assaulting Chihuahua — Sun Sentinel

Touchy Tomas awaiting Trial


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